Every quarter, ADvendio extends its major releases with new features to enhance the services it provides ad operations from quote to cash. The new Spring 2018 Release includes improvements and introduces new features to make it easier to synchronize and connect with other applications.

We are continuously extending our ad sales management software for ad operations professionals in publishing, streaming and online advertising.

Last winter we released very relevant updates to our software and incorporated essential outtakes on our accounting interface, publication date wizard, and new ad server integrations. (if you haven’t checked it out, look here), and is also available via the AppExchange®.

This spring we have incorporated a series of new features. As a cross-media advertising management software for ad operations professionals, any update requested by another customer is automatically available to you. So look at these!

New Payment Connect Feature

If you need to sync the payment status of an invoice, you can create these for multiple invoices, or an invoice can have recurring payments. You can sync them on the spot.

Improvement and Enhancement of Standard Accounting Interfaces

We have released the latest part of our accounting interface, making it easy to collect all relevant data for a smooth and relaxed months end, creating accounting records to connect ERPs and accounting systems to streamline the booking to the billing process. This feature allows you to connect to every accounting system. For more information check the ADvendio knowledge base.

FreeWheel Integration

We listened to our customers, and ADvendio’s new ad server integration can help you import all available objects for Freewheel, the leading convergent programmatic linear and online video solution, and use them for your product creation. You can:

  • Have a real-time forecast availability check
  • Create and update the insertion orders and placements directly from ADvendio in Freewheel.
  • Integrate our availability forecast and our booking calendar, regardless if they’re exclusive products.
  • Quickly create invoices from ADvendio without any step in between.

Commitment: New Capabilities

If you have multiple obligations for each of your customers, our new Commitment Selector can help ad operations directly assign relevant commitments to Media Campaigns automatically, or offer the user only matching commitments to pick from.

  • Streamline the process if you have more than one commitment to your customers.
  • Create different proposals so you and your customer can sign.
  • Send and comment commitments to your customers in new PDFs.
  • Set up joint goals regarding commitment.

Third Party Payout

In the ad management process, it is key to have a good working relationship between third-party intermediaries. This feature can help you:

  • Improve the commission payment process
  • Streamline the payout workflow
  • Assign invoices and payments from intermediaries to specific media campaigns

Flexible Payment Plans

You may be using invoicing and finance modules. If you have trouble customizing and manually handling payments we have improved the creation of flexible payment plans to automate this work.

Enhance your advertising management capabilities

The ADvendio Spring 2018 update includes many new features, improvements, and optimizations. See the full release notes list on the ADvendio knowledge base.

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