In this article, we will take a look at some of the top retail media and retail management platforms available on Salesforce®. But first, let’s define what retail media and retail management platforms are.

What is A Retail Media Platform?

If you own an eCommerce website and are looking to get your brand in front of more customers, you need retail media.

Retail advertising allows you to put products in front of potential customers when they are most likely to buy. Retail media works in much the same way that a convenience store works by placing snacks and candy bars in the checkout line where customers are most likely to see them.

When a retailer or another brand within a retailer’s network, places an advertisement on their eCommerce website or app, it’s referred to as retail media.

Most retail advertising occurs by brands that directly sell products to customers within their sites and apps such as Amazon. Other types of brands can also utilize this digital marketing strategy and can find great success with it.

What is A Retail Management Platform?

retail management system (RMS) is a platform that combines several modules to aid in the day-to-day operation of a retail store or chain. An RMS is an integrated platform that aids retailers by streamlining processes involved in store management.

Everything from accounting to scheduling employee shifts is covered in an RMS platform. Every employee, supervisor, and manager can stay on the same page with access to mobile versions of the software that can be used in multiple locations.

1. ADvendio – Retail Media Advertising Management Software

If you’re looking for a solution that brings together media selling and buying ADvendio is for you. ADvendio is the only Salesforce®-powered platform that has combined this technology into one system. Advertising campaigns ranging from SMEs to large enterprises have come to depend on Advendio’s solution to deliver applicable omnichannel campaigns at scale.

Seasoned multichannel buyers and sellers can benefit from a ready-to-use solution, while single-channel experts can take their company to the next level with ease. Easily streamline campaign management throughout the entire buying and selling process.

ADvendio’s comprehensive retail media management platform combines CRM, sales, inventory, orders, finance, reporting & analytics, integrations with SSPs, and audience extension via a media buying solution.

ADvendio is a globally trusted Salesforce® partner. Headquartered in Ireland, the United States, Germany, and Chile and are celebrating 10 years of excellence. Leading corporations all over the world rely on Advendio’s trusted software to streamline their advertising management and future-proof their operations.

2. Ivy Mobility – Ivy Retail Execution for Consumer Packaged Goods

Ivy Retail Execution offers an intellectual Route-to-Market system that drives sales. Best-in-class image recognition capabilities, augmented reality, along with an AI-based recommendation engine, allow merchandisers to create a perfect store every time.

Ivy Mobility offers faster Route-to-Market solutions for the consumer goods industry. They offer those in the consumer packaged goods industry with distribution management systems, direct store delivery, and retail execution. Each of these is enhanced with Ivy Eye-an image recognition system, Ivy Recommender-for all of your custom recommendations, and Ivy Insights to help you organize and analyze your sales data.

Re-imagine planning and forecasting for your packaged goods company, and reach the shelves faster to effectively win more at the markets with Ivy Mobility.

3. Eposly – Point of Sale and Retail Management Platform for Salesforce®

Eposly provides Point-of-Sale solutions and is the leading POS for the Salesforce® platform. Eposly’s platform can be structured to fit all different businesses and industries, from field sales and service environments to high-value retail store use.

Whether you have one store or thousands, Eposly can help you with mobile sales, managing your store’s taxes, taking in personal or online payments, managing your inventory, or creating orders.

Eposly allows you to build and price orders quickly with its intuitive mobile interface along with creating customers, opportunities, orders, and cases quickly, from the POS. The integrated card terminals allow you to take payments with efficiency.

4. – “Cloud Retail Management” integrated with covers all the needs that a multi-channel retail business might need. As a full-featured applications suite, sellers can benefit from having everything from market research and competitor monitoring to sales management at their fingertips. is the leading solution for sellers in Argentina and start-up businesses in Brazil. The platform is a multi-channel cloud retail management system that is fully integrated with and is a multi-language, and multi-currency system.

5. AXIS Insight – RetailMotus

RetailMotus enables field teams to influence and engage with retailers with well-structured field sales solutions. Its access to data and highly configurable image collection allows companies to drive change.

This system provides you with administration and functionality and provides innovative ways to find and enable sales opportunities using the latest in technology predictive capabilities.

AXIS Insight offers retailers comprehensive consultancy services, business analysis, comprising project management, data analysis, and reporting resources. The talented team has a proven history of working with their customers to achieve excellent results and increased sales performance. Their consultancy team plays an integral role in the implementation of RetailMotus, while also being available to provide a standalone service.

Retail Media and Management Software on Salesforce®

Each retail management platform is designed to meet the specific needs of retailers in each industry. Retailers can get in front of more customers with retail media, and streamline their systems and processes while improving the customer experience.