During the first quarter of 2024, ADvendio experienced a very productive period. We actively sponsored events, organized global team meetings, introduced fresh product updates, and bolstered our team through expansion efforts. Here’s a detailed summary of what we’ve been up to during this first quarter:

Industry Events

This quarter, we had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring multiple events in the advertising technology sector.

CES in Las Vegas

Date: January 9th-12th

Matt Rohrs, our Sales Director, attended CES in Las Vegas. By attending this event, we had access to over 135k attendees, over 1400 startups were within Eureka Park and there were over 4300 exhibitors.

NRF: Retail’s Big Show in New York

Date: January 14th-16th

Sam Giaver, Global Head of Sales, Rachel Donoghue, Account Manager, Matt Rohrs, Sales Director, and Jens Hansen, Account Manager represented ADvendio at NRF: Retail’s Big Show in New York. We were delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor this year’s event and our team had a great time meeting so many retailers and influencers in the space. This was a valuable event to be part of as NRF is consistently on the pulse of the changing retail landscape, offering invaluable insights and serving as a central hub for industry professionals.

Adweek Commerce Week

Date: February 28th-29th

Sam Giaver, our Head of Global Sales, attended Adweek Commerce Week. This event explored the internal skills, capabilities, and investment necessary now to deliver the best brand commerce experiences across a digital ecosystem.

Retail Media Day Denmark

Date: March 19th

Jens Hansen, our Account Manager, attended Retail Media Day Denmark. The event included the presentation of 3 groundbreaking case studies, highlighting how companies can use retail media to create noticeable results. This was followed up by a valuable panel discussion with industry experts titled “What is the future for Retail Media in Denmark?”.

D3con in Hamburg

Date: March 11th-12th

Julian Ahrends, our Chief Technology Officer, attended d3con in Hamburg. This was a brilliant event that tackled the future of digital advertising and trends such as Marketing Automation, Marketing AI, CTV, and Retail Media.


Ad Results Media (ARM)

We were delighted to announce our partnership with Ad Results Media (ARM), a leading media company that specializes in helping marketers and agencies harness the power of audio media across podcasts, digital audio, and broadcast radio. For more information about this partnership, click here.


Another announcement included a recent partnership with VettaFi. VettaFi is a provider of indexing, data & analytics, industry-leading conferences, and digital distribution services to ETF issuers and fund managers. Further details can be found here.

Product Updates

We’re excited to announce the release of our new features.

Inventory Setup Assistant Beta

Streamline the process of creating and managing ad inventory by bulk-creating sites, placements, and ad types. Set ad prices, define ad specs, and link your inventory to an ad server in one streamlined process, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency.

Self-Service Enhancements

Our self-service solution now includes publication dates and content selection, allowing customers to have more control over their campaigns. Customers of end-users can now effortlessly schedule and customize their campaigns and decide when and where their campaigns will run by including these details during booking.

Support Agency Flows/Media Plan

To aid our agency customers in their daily operations, we now support the setup of Media Plans. This enhancement streamlines the planning process, enabling agencies to efficiently organize and strategize within the ADvendio product.

Flexible Payment Plans

Our Flexible Payment Plans (FPP) allows you to easily adjust payment plans to align with your active campaign items, providing greater financial control and simplifying campaign management.

Snapchat Integration

With ADvendio Release 2.170, we introduce our newest Media Buying Integration: Snapchat Ads.

Our new integration enables real-time tracking of customer spending, helping customers to stay within budget and optimize campaigns effectively. The new integration incorporates Snapchat ad costs into your ADvendio invoicing workflow, saving valuable time and ensuring accurate billing. As well as gaining instant insights into Snapchat Ads performance, by retrieving delivery data in ADvendio with just one click.

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New Hires

Globally Growing Team

We are pleased to announce two new additions to our team this quarter. Denis Fleming has joined the Marketing team in Ireland as a Marketing Executive. Catalina Díaz has joined the back office team in Chile as a Back Office Assistant.

We extend a warm welcome to Denis and Catalina as they take on important roles in developing and strengthening our workforce.

Current Job Openings

Discover your path to a fulfilling career in advertising technology with ADvendio. We are actively in search of skilled individuals to become part of our dynamic team, contributing to innovation in our industry. Explore our present job opportunities here to discover the perfect fit for you.


Bernd Visited the Team in Chile

Bernd Bube, our CEO, visited the team in Chile. It was a great opportunity for Bernd to meet new team members in person and to reconnect with familiar faces.

Q1 2024: Company Review Advendio

Maria’s Trip to France and Spain

Maria Gracia Gomez, our Country Manager (Spain, France, Canada), was delighted to be able to return to France and Spain to visit our customers in these markets. During her trip, Maria Gracia participated in after-office events, media and retail events, and experienced various networking opportunities to support growing the awareness of the ADvendio brand in these countries. As part of our commitment to expanding the ADvendio brand further in France and Spain, we are proud to announce our recent partnership with Ratecard, an Adtech and Martech agency based in France, that shares the news and challenges of digital advertising.

Angus Visited Australia

Angus Dowie, our Regional Sales Manager EMEA and APAC, enjoyed a great trip to Australia catching up with current customers and meeting several prospects during his visit. Australia is one of our fastest-growing regions, and we are excited to see the impact our solution can have on the market there.

Staff Events

Global Team Meeting

As we stepped into 2024, we kicked off the year with a global team meeting connecting our offices and coworkers in the US, Chile, Germany, Ireland, and the UK.

This discussion covered important departmental updates and goals as well as long-term strategies for ADvendio’s strategic roadmap.