ADvendio is delighted to announce its partnership with Ad Results Media (ARM), a leading media company that specializes in helping marketers and agencies harness the power of audio media across podcasts, digital audio, and broadcast radio. For over 25 years, ARM has helped brands leverage the power of the special relationship that a listener has with a show host. Having worked with over 6,000 audio endorsers since its inception, ARM sits on a wealth of listener and campaign performance information and performance data spanning the vast audio ecosystem. This allows them to help brands make sense of the complexity and drive performance-based business results for clients through cost effective and impactful audio advertising campaigns. “We’re in a time when more brands are exploring audio and podcast advertising than ever before and the landscape has become increasingly complex with new players and new technologies entering the market weekly. As the rapid velocity of evolution continues, ARM is always looking around the corner to find partners who can help us outpace the innovation curve so we can continue to drive efficient growth for our clients.” Kurt Kaufer, Chief Growth Officer. Ad Results Media engaged ADvendio to find a centralized solution that could support their media planning, ordering, and reporting within their Salesforce CRM.

The Challenge

Ad Results Media had the desire to update their existing processes, data sources and tech stack to ensure they can effectively and efficiently meet their client’s needs well into the future.

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