At ADvendio we pride ourselves on the interconnected nature of our platform which allows you to create one centralized solution for all your advertising needs. Bring harmony to disconnected systems by creating a single source of truth for all advertising data. ADvendio’s solution integrates with many different ad tech systems including market-leading DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges. These include; Google Ad Manager (GAM), Magnite, Moat, Integration X, Freewheel, Dataplan, Adswizz, Platform 161, Yieldlab, Smart Ad Server, Xandr, Adform, Ad-Juster, and more.

In this first article of a series of posts explaining our integrations, we’ll begin by outlining a few of our most popular out-of-the-box integrations. For more information on what other integrations we are compatible with check out this page.

Google Ad Manager

With our seamless integration to Google Ad Manager, you are given the ability to effectively maximize your advertising revenue on all types and formats of cross-media ad inventory, such as digital and video. Holistically manage your direct and programmatic sales campaigns while extracting actionable insights from this with data-driven analysis. Combining this sales data with the commercial data that is already stored within your ADvendio system empowers you to understand your unique sales process in detail, helping to inform key business decisions.

ADvendio’s integration to Google Ad Manager gives you the opportunity to view creatives, ad units, placements, and key values, as well as all of your orders and line items from one convenient location. Real-time connections allow you to have full control of this data directly from the ADvendio system, saving you time by avoiding double entry and ensuring data accuracy.


The partnership between ADvendio and AdsWizz enables publishers to effectively manage and monetize targeted and trackable audio advertising campaigns regardless of ad format, device, or audio type in order to optimize ad revenue.

In addition, AdsWizz offers an audio-centric SSP that enables streamlined programmatic buying for your advertisers and strengthens and streamlines the entire sales and purchase process. Benefiting from dynamic ad insertion, precise one-to-one targeting, and personalized listening experiences for your users.

Magnite (formerly Rubicon Project)

Through this connection, ADvendio users can see what their customers are doing with their inventory, analyze the revenue sources of their programmatically sold inventory, and compare it to the directly sold equivalent for channel evaluation and optimization.

The combination of Magnite and ADvendio provides publishers with an advertising environment with a 360° sales overview and in-depth analysis that provides transparency, visibility, and the ability to maximize the yield from the advertising inventory.


With our integration to Xandr, Monetize SSP, ADvendio users benefit from a clear, real-time view of inventory available directly from the ADvendio platform, access to a transparent auction process, and hundreds of DSPs equating to thousands of advertisers and agencies within one platform.

The automated, consistent and secure data flow between the systems enables you to manage your entire ad sales process in a uniform manner, from one secure location. The powerful combination of ADvendio and Xandr provides publishers with forecasting capabilities that maximize monetization through optimized ad inventory management. Real-time delivery data from Xandr empowers customers to collect information on direct IO’s and programmatic orders to effectively manage and compare your entire ad inventory and maximize advertising revenue.


ADvendio continues to innovate and develop our solution to make sure we are capable of integrating with more exchanges and servers that our customers require connection to. If there is a specific DSP, SSP, ad exchange, or ERP system integration that you require please contact a member of our team to identify if this may be on our current roadmap or if a custom build integration is feasible.