Increased efficiency in online advertising with cloud-based all-in-one solution and award as Top Advertising Sales House

NZZ-Mediengruppe with its flagship “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (NZZ), one of the largest media companies in Switzerland, uses ADvendio for its online advertising sales. With the cloud-solution NZZ-Mediengruppe controls the entire advertising management process in one application. From the first call to the customer by booking and invoicing as well as reporting, everything is automated via ADvendio. With the introduction of ADvendio the procedures in the ad sales department for online advertising were adapted for the digital world. The resulting increase in efficiency in the work processes brought the media company a placement as Top Advertising Sales House in Switzerland.

“All order-related information was managed by us in Excel spreadsheets, some in several at the same time, as is also still common in many publishing houses today,” states Remo Baumeler, Head of Digital Advertising at NZZ. “The error rate was naturally particularly high here for the transfer of information and booking procedures. It was not sustainable in the long term and we needed a system which covered the entire advertising process for us.”

In the meantime, the advertising sales division at NZZ-Mediengruppe can review all relevant customer information, from agency information regarding previous orders to competitors’ activities. Therefore allowing to identify and deal with customer needs promptly and on an individual basis. “At the beginning of implementation there was still around 10-20 percent of the process operated using traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets. Today it is more like three percent,” Remo Baumeler explains. The booking processes are now executed a lot faster and with fewer errors.

The change to ADvendio gained NZZ-Mediengruppe the position of Top Advertising Sales House in Switzerland with the current customer satisfaction survey performed by the media research agency d.core Switzerland. The consistent flow of information to customers as well as the competency of the employees at the publishing house have been positively highlighted in particular. „Prior to that, the advertising sales department at NZZ-Mediengruppe was already using the customer contact platform from Salesforce® for invoicing. As ADvendio is built upon the Salesforce platform, it provided the perfect addition to the already established system“, says Bernd Bube, Founder and Managing Director at ADvendio. „We are delighted to have helped NZZ-Mediengruppe with our solution achieving the title as Top Advertising Sales House.“

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