At ADvendio, we specialize in providing an interconnected advertising management platform for our customers to allow them to centralize all advertising needs without relying on dozens of disconnected systems and manual processes. Simplifying the management of all advertising operations and activities using leading native connections for ultimate business efficiency.

In this blog post, we’ll showcase the most important integrations for media buying & selling included in the ADvendio ONE solution that we’re looking forward to introducing to our clients for 2023 and beyond.

Media Buying Connections for More Effective Campaigns

ADvendio’s Seamless Connections for Media Buying & Selling Advendio

As the advertising industry is more competitive than ever, advertisers are always exploring ways to save resources and keep up with industry developments. While publishers are buying more media and targeting their customers more accurately using their own source data in media buying, they want to offer the same approach to their advertisers.

As a result, campaigns have to be managed across many different platforms and an expert is often required for each buying platform. For this reason, in the coming year, ADvendio plans to focus more on further developing media buying and adding new features to simplify omnichannel advertising management at scale.

Simply put, ADvendio’s media buying connections support the buying and selling of your own inventory in one place. Through integrations with multiple platforms, it is possible to send customer bookings to external buying systems and automatically receive important performance data, thus minimizing the effort of matching data and keeping systems in sync.

Next, we’ll review some of our most popular connections for smarter media buying:


This latest connection supports our customers in managing their audience extensions and booking social media advertising directly into Facebook & Instagram, as it integrates seamlessly with our media buying solution. Plan your audience extensions directly from ADvendio, automatically import cost and performance data and reconcile against planned budgets.

In addition, our automated reporting solution will also assist in tracking costs and KPIs more effectively while aligning data with pre-set budget planning for complete and actionable insights.

Xandr Invest

Xandr Invest uses the capabilities of Xandr’s demand-side platform (DSP) to buy media dynamically. With its seamless integration with ADvendio’s media buying solution, it allows direct planning of your audience extensions, automatic import of cost and performance data, direct reconciliation with planned budgets and more.

Google Campaign Manager 360

Google Campaign Manager 360 is a versatile tool for planning ad campaigns and directly tracking data from publishers or other platforms that clients buy from. It monitors programmatic media buying and receives optimized reporting on performance and cost while providing automated Buying Delivery Reports for buying items. With our fully automated reporting connection, we can pull data from Google DV360 to Google Campaign Manager in ADvendio to easily reconcile your media buying against your budgets and media planning.

Google Display & Video 360

This leading demand-side platform (DSP) supports media and audience buying across a wide network of publishers. By integrating Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) with ADvendio, our clients can benefit from access to media buying capabilities directly from ADvendio; enabling audience extension planning, automatic import of cost and performance data and seamless reconciliation against planned budgets from a single location.

Upcoming Developments: Enhanced booking capabilities.

Media Selling Connections for Digital Advertising

ADvendio’s Seamless Connections for Media Buying & Selling Advendio

Due to the dynamic landscape of the media sales industry, companies are challenged to manage more information than ever before due to continuous digitization and the challenging management of multiple media channels. Therefore, keeping key data from across the business in a centralized location becomes critical for companies that want to stay ahead of the curve at all times.

ADvendio’s media selling and Ad Server connections for digital advertising support dynamic display advertising used in both digital video and audio broadcasting. These integrations turn ADvendio into a central hub to manage all your digital, audio and video inventory, from order to invoice.

Thanks to our connections, you can set up all your campaigns and push them directly into your third-party systems with a single click to further simplify all your campaign management processes. Maximize direct and programmatic revenue with a fully integrated ad sales solution for publishers and agencies.

Below, we’ll run through some of our most popular connections for streamlined media selling:

Google Ad Manager (including Ad Exchange)

ADvendio’s connection to this leading display ad server allows you to seamlessly manage your campaigns, upload creatives and pull reporting data. All your bookings can be accessed directly from ADvendio and our automatic data synchronization saves you the effort of manually matching Google with ADvendio, reducing potential mismatches in your campaigns that could lead to overbooking. In addition, ADvendio also allows you to manage Programmatic Guaranteed Deals for seamless omnichannel campaign management.

Upcoming Developments: Send bookings directly to Google AdManager directly from ADvendio.


AdButler is an advertising management solution that supports businesses in designing, launching and running all types of online advertising campaigns, whether display, native, email or video advertising. You can benefit from this integration by creating and booking orders in AdButler directly from ADvendio. Our automatic delivery imports provide all the key information about your bookings required for performance reporting and invoicing without any extra steps, allowing you to have an overview of all running campaigns in a single location.

Upcoming Developments: See contending bookings to yours directly in ADvendio during the availability check.

Triton Digital

Triton Digital is a leading advertising management platform that can be easily integrated with ADvendio to support publishers’ digital audio & podcasting advertising needs. Create your audio campaigns directly in ADvendio, book them in Triton with a single click and automatically retrieve the latest KPI and delivery information. As with all our AdServer integrations, a seamless connection with our finance features allows you and your team to collaborate faster and more efficiently in closing your media deals.


The partnership between ADvendio and AdsWizz enables publishers to effectively manage and monetize both targeted and trackable audio and radio ad campaigns, regardless of ad format, device or audio type, for optimized ad revenue.

In addition, AdsWizz offers an audio-centric SSP that enables streamlined programmatic buying for your advertisers and strengthens and streamlines the entire sales and buying process. Use our integration with AdsWizz to directly drive your sales campaigns and book them at the click of a button. Our automatic reports update you with the latest performance data and make sure everything can also be used in our finance features, saving you the time and effort of keeping both systems in sync.

Upcoming Developments: Management of AdsWizz orders directly from ADvendio and more flexibility in inventory reporting.

Xandr Monetize

Xandr Monetize is one of the leading AdServers for Display Advertising, Video and Native inventory. The ADvendio Xandr Integration offers you end-to-end campaign management. Where you can directly book your Sales Campaigns from ADvendio, automatically import key performance data and status information and even upload Creatives. All directly from within ADvendio and without additional effort to keep both platforms in sync.

Upcoming Developments: Support for Targeting Split and the booking of Programmatic Guaranteed Deals.


FreeWheel is an AdServer focused on dynamic video and CTV advertising. Our connection to ADvendio supports seamless booking of your ad campaigns directly from your point of sale into Freewheel, reducing the work of your Ad Operations team to fulfil your orders. In addition, our intuitive inventory management helps you overcome the difficulties of large-scale video inventory management while our automatic delivery imports rapidly bring you the latest information on the performance of your campaigns.

Equativ (previously SMART AdServer)

Equativ is an international Ad Serving solution for advertising inventory management. This connection with ADvendio allows you to directly drive your sales campaigns in Equativ, ensuring that the right bookings arrive. Furthermore, our automatic delivery imports provide all the key information needed for performance reporting and invoicing, without the need for any additional processing.

Upcoming Developments: Enhanced Ad Formats support.


ADvendio continues to innovate and develop our solution to make sure we are capable of integrating with more exchanges and servers that our customers require connection to. If you’d like to learn more about other connections included in the ADvendio ONE solution, you can visit our posts on our most popular and digital advertising connections, our latest article on new integration releases, or our connections webpage.

Whether you need a certain DSP, SSP, ad exchange, or ERP system integration, feel free to speak to a member of our team to see if it is on our current roadmap or if a custom-built integration is possible.