We are proud to announce, that since last week ADvendio is designated as “Lightning Ready”. Apps that are Lightning Ready will work in Salesforce® Lightning Experience, offer a more consistent interface with other Lightning pages and all customers can use ADvendio with Salesforce Lightning.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning is the new, redesigned user interface for the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce focused on reinventing the desktop environment to better support a modern user experience. The result is an intuitive, intelligent interface that helps people work more naturally. All this change is greatly influenced by the rise of mobile platforms. Users at your company are already using mobile to research prospective customers, find directions to client meetings, connect socially with customers, and more. Salesforce understands that. That’s why Lightning Experience takes the cool stuff from the mobile world and brings it to the desktop.

How does Lightning affect ADvendio?

ADvendio needed to ensure that its full capabilities continued with the implementation of the new interface. During the redesign of its user interface, Salesforce delivered a lot of new, revised and updated functionalities for its platform and the ADvendio team worked hard the last couple of months to adapt their software to benefit from these improved features and to prepare the ADvendio application for the new Lightning Experience. During a long internal test phase, all functionalities were extensively tested so that we can announce today that all ADvendio functions are available and fully supported by Salesforce® Lightning.

Want to know more about Lightning? – Find more information here.

What happens to the existing Salesforce® Classic or the “Aloha” UI?

Customers can choose to work with the current interface, or decide when to migrate to the new Lightning Experience. ADvendio will continue to support Salesforce® Classic for the foreseeable future.

Want more information?

Join our next webinar on May 17th to learn more about what we have changed regarding Lighting and what our future plans for the further adoption of the Lighting Experience will be. As an active customer, you should have already received a personal email invite with a registration link for the webinar. In case you are not an active customer yet, or can not find your personal invite, please get in touch via [email protected] and request your personal registration link.

We’d love to have you at our webinar.