Integrated ad server connection and subscription models facilitate online advertising

As part of the Scout24 group, ImmobilienScout24 is one of the leading internet companies in Europe. For the real estate platform to continue observing stable growth, it was essential to forge new paths in the realm of advertising, and to optimise the processes involved. That is why the ad sales & ad management teams have been working with ADvendio’s cloud solution since the end of 2014 for efficient ad management.

Before the implementation of ADvendio, ImmobilienScout24 had no integrated solution for online advertising and the staff had to manually switch back and forth between different systems.  “Our processes were less than optimal,” says Christoph Knoch, Senior CRM Business Manager at ImmobilienScout24.

For every customer enquiry, our sales team manually checked availability in the Access database before entering the booking information onto two different systems. This was a huge effort. Due to the manual work, the occasional error to do with actual availability was also slipping in.” The ADvendio solution automates the ad management process and reduces the error susceptibility.

After all, for ImmobilienScout24 to achieve its target growth, an increase in efficiency would be required.

As well as my good experiences in the past, a crucial factor was the innovative and flexible Salesforce platform on which ADvendio is built upon, says Christoph Knoch.

We also sought a future-proof system to complement Salesforce®. With ADvendio it is possible at any time and we can incorporate as many ad servers as we like, while continuing to work without cumbersome intermissions. Thanks to ADvendio, our efficiency has increased by up to 50% per campaign, and that is not including time spent on reporting. The final resulting time savings could be even higher.” With ADvendio, ad management staff can meet ImmobilienScout24’s ambitious growth targets much more efficiently, by carrying out every task from order processing to reporting using the same application. This has allowed the speed and transparency of the entire ad sales process to increase from both staff and customer perspectives.

Even subscription products can be managed with ADvendio solutions. Usually, ad servers do not support subscription features, that is to say, the automatic extension of products. With the ADvendio booking calendar ImmobilienScout24 is able to automate this process as well, which leads to further time savings.

We are delighted to have such an interesting customer as ImmobilienScout 24 in our portfolio,” says Bernd Bube, Founder and Managing Director of ADvendio. “Due to their complex automation requirements, we were able to put all of the features of our solution to good use and are therefore looking forward to further productive exchanges.

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