The amount of advertising technology available on the market today can be overwhelming. From supply side platforms and ad servers to advertising sales management and app monetization, publishers and ad sellers have to sift through a lot of software platforms before identifying one that will help them achieve their goals.

So how can you find the right ad sales solution for your team? By looking for one with proven results, of course. Take our platform, for example, ADvendio customers experience measurable increases in efficiency, productivity, and accuracy (among other benefits). Powered by Salesforce, ADvendio helps publishers, and media companies to make the most of their inventory by increasing efficiency in premium advertising sales. Learn from our customer success stories below.

ImmobilienScout24 increased campaign efficiency by 50 percent

ImmobilienScout24 is a leading real estate platform in Germany that boasts eight million new users per month. The company is already very successful at bringing together property buyers or renters with owners and suppliers, but it wanted to maintain its stable growth through creating and optimizing advertising processes. That’s why they chose ADvendio.

Before then, ImmobilienScout24 had no integrated ad sales solution. Ad sales and ad management teams had to manually switch back and forth between systems, which meant that every customer inquiry required checking availability in the MS Access database and then entering booking information into two different systems. This was a huge effort. And the large amount of manual work led to errors. ADvendio allowed the advertising teams to automate both ImmobilienScout24’s traditional online ad business and subscription booking operations, all with an integrated ad server connection.

“Thanks to ADvendio, our efficiency has increased by up to 50 percent per campaign, and that is not including time spent on reporting. The final resulting time savings could be even higher. The staff is also happy with the new automated workflow: no more media disruptions, no more entering information twice, and everything is automatically passed to the ad server,” said Christoph Knoch, senior CRM business manager for ImmobilienScout24.

NZZ-Mediengruppe reduced their use of spreadsheets by 70 percent

One of the largest media companies in Switzerland, NZZ-Mediengruppe, prints around 127,000 issues daily and hosts more than a million monthly website visitors. The Swiss media company aims to offer the highest quality in all areas of the organization. But it needed an ad sales tool to move its ad operations to the cloud because all order-related information was being managed in Excel spreadsheets (some in several different ones at the same time). Naturally, the error rate was particularly high due to the manual transfer of information and booking procedures. There was also an insufficient cost transparency, which made it difficult for the management team to actually arrange resources and optimize processes. NZZ-Mediengruppe knew this wasn’t sustainable long term.

When deciding what ad sales platform to use, NZZ head of digital advertising Remo Baumeler said it didn’t take long to decide on ADvendio. The system fulfilled all of the company’s requirements, was built on Salesforce® and offers a wide range of capabilities for important steps in the advertising sales process. The implementation was completed in a few short weeks. From the first call to the customer to booking and invoicing as well as reporting, all of NZZ’s processes are now automated via ADvendio. The company can now identify and deal with customer needs promptly and on an individual basis, and the booking processes are now executed a lot faster and with fewer errors.

“At the beginning of implementation, there was still around 10-20 percent of the process operated using traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets. Today it is more like three percent,” Remo Baumeler explains. That’s at least a 70 percent decrease in the use of spreadsheets. “Many of the systems at other publishing houses are all but working in the Stone Age. The majority is automated in ours, and we don’t want to spend any more time missing out on the advantages of using ADvendio.”

Competitor Group utilizes a single platform for all media formats

San Diego-based Competitor Group presents running, cycling and triathlon events all over the world. In addition to publishing U.S. magazines like Competitor, Triathlete, Velo and Women’s Running, the company also runs a book publishing company called VeloPress. Competitor Group’s ad sales campaigns are complex. They span across print media, digital and out-of-home at their sporting events (which include marathons, fast 5K runs, cycling races, and triathlons). And the company’s reach is vast: 19 million annual print impressions; more than 2.5 million unique monthly website visitors; 2.9 million social media followers; and 70 events that bring over half a million participants each year.

Aaron Hersh, director of digital media and strategy at Competitor Group, said that ADvendio has been excellent for running complex campaigns spanning multiple media types. The system allows Competitor Group to include print, digital and out-of-home ads all in a single campaign. The company is also benefitting from the automatic integration with their ad server, which allows salespeople to quickly check inventory and seamlessly deliver complex campaigns.

“I think very highly of the ADvendio solution as it can manage all of the inventory to run an entire complex campaign ad sales business without any issues,” Hersh said. “The software is flexible enough to upgrade when we need some new custom features.”

These are just a few examples of how ADvendio’s ad sales solution helps companies optimize their processes and achieve better results. You can read more success stories here, or contact our sales team with your questions by phone or online.