Are you interested in learning about great tech companies to work for? Look no further. ADvendio, a fast-growing technology company, has locations in Germany, Ireland and Chile. We produce an ad sales management platform, and our employees enjoy autonomy, collaboration, team-building, innovation and more.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. To get a perspective from the front lines, we spoke with ADvendio account executives Samantha Bednarz and Zak Reid. They both work out of our office in Chile, where they enjoy an ocean view, great transportation and no traffic jams. Here’s what they told us about great tech companies to work for.

5 Reasons ADvendio is a Great Company to Work For


1. Offer Autonomy

Research shows that autonomy is a strong source of intrinsic motivation. When businesses give employees the freedom to work how they want and when they want, productivity goes up. ADvendio embraces this philosophy. While some companies try to force productivity through micromanagement, we leverage the talents of each individual and empower them with the resources they need for success.

We hire people that we believe in, which allows our employees the freedom to be successful in their own way. ADvendio is a great place for people who are self-motivated and enjoy managing their own time, process and projects. We also offer flexible working hours for most employees, as well as an extremely healthy work/life balance. If you need to start late or start early, you have the flexibility to do that.

2. Utilize Coaching

Coaching and professional development are top priorities at great tech companies to work for. As an employee, coaching can both set you up for more success in your role and increase your overall job satisfaction.

Zak and Sam each receive individualized coaching on how to best bring leads and opportunities to a successful close. But every employee is different. Whether it’s technical training around our product or specific coaching to better communicate with customers, we tailor development to each team member’s needs. Managers offer new ideas and helpful tips for moving their deals along, but still grants them independence on how they ultimately proceed.

In this way, you have the autonomy to make the decision for yourself. But you can augment your knowledge and experience with your manager’s experience and success. And we’re looking to fill more than just sales roles. We currently have openings in marketing, support and development, as well.

3. Team Building

Team building activities are beneficial for both new and existing employees. Great Tech Companies to Work For? Check out ADvendio AdvendioIf you’re just starting a new job, they allow you to get to know your team in an informal setting. For existing employees, team building can strengthen bonds and improve communication. ADvendio’s Chile office tries to set up team-building exercises for employees about once a quarter.

“When you get to know someone outside of the office, you better understand them and how they work,” Samantha said. “It helps everybody connect, collaborate and work better together. It humanizes everything.”

One of the most important parts of any job is who you work with and who you work for. That’s why we take the time to set up fun activities for our team like karoake, go-carting and nice dinners. Great tech companies to work for aren’t afraid to have fun.

4. Collaborative Atmosphere

Collaboration is key to the success of ADvendio. When one of our team members reaches a goal or closes a deal, the entire team celebrates. Team members aren’t afraid to walk over to each other’s desks to ask specific questions or simply take a break from work.

“The company really supports each individual on the team. Our engineers are really busy, but still make time to answer all of my questions,” Zak said. “I’ve had calls with both of our managing partners, who were interested in hearing my thoughts and taking into account what I would do.”

Our company grows and our strategy evolves from employee input and feedback. Everybody wants to help and provide the tools needed for success. There’s no one you can’t go to for help or questions, whether it’s your manager or the managing partner. When you need help, the company turns into a horizontal organization. It’s all hands on deck.

5. A lot of Upside

Since we opened our office in Chile just last year, the team has quickly grown. We’re close-knit. Everybody’s input and work are both very important, and you get to feel like you’re making a difference in the company.

No matter what department you’re in, you’ll still get to learn a lot about working with technology at ADvendio. You’ll likely be exposed to numerous aspects of the business. We’re currently recruiting for our office in Chile, but our locations in Dublin and Hamburg are always looking for talent.

“The company has a lot of upside,” Zak said. “It’s a great time to get in the company.”

Interested in learning more about working at ADvendio? Check out our careers page, or fill out a this form to contact someone on our team.