With its DFP integration, ADvendio now also supports audience segments.

Thanks to the integration with leading ad servers, online publishers and sales houses benefit from lean sales processes with consistent data which encourage productivity and efficiency in ad ops teams. Features such as availability forecasts, bookings and delivery reports can be executed in ADvendio. This way unnecessary switching between systems can be avoided. Next to time, browser and geo targeting, DFP users can now also use audience segments in ADvendio.

By showing ads that are customized to their website visitors, publishers offer higher ad effectiveness to advertisers. To achieve this publishers can create anonymous audience segments in DFP. For example, a frequent visitor of political news could be associated with the audience segment ‘Interested in politics’. In DFP defined audience segments can now be easily imported into ADvendio and thus be selected as targeting when creating media campaigns. Audience segments as well as other chosen targeting options are taken into account when forecasting inventory and are transmitted directly into the line item in DFP when booking the campaign.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of a direct integration of DFP into your order management system, watch this video with the DFP and ADvendio teams.