The rise of programmatic has assisted publishers in keeping up with digital transformation, but the process has not always been efficient or simple. Until now, reconciling supply-side platform (SSP) and other ad tech data with your order management system (OMS) was a time-consuming double-entry process. The manual nature of inputting data from your external systems into your OMS system left much room for manual handling errors which cause disruptions to campaign analysis and back-end financial processes.

ADvendio is proud to offer a number of direct integrations to ad tech platforms to help our customers with this process; however, creating seamless integrations of this type takes time and resources. To provide a better solution for our customers, we have partnered with Burt Intelligence to offer ADvendio users access to the ad tech data they require within ADvendio without the need for manual double entry or lengthy integration time.

About Burt Intelligence

Burt Intelligence provides Sales Intelligence for the advertising industry by providing a single point of contact for leading publishers worldwide to discover, analyze, and share their advertising data. Sales, operations, and programmatic professionals use Burt’s solutions to increase revenue, reduce customer churn, and optimize yield. Burt offers ADvendio users further connection possibilities to 100+ vendors including OpenX, PubMatic, and many more.


As anyone who has worked in the advertising industry knows, it is critical to compare overall media campaign results to the performance of individual inventory items. Discrepancies in this data can easily result in incorrectly invoiced amounts, causing avoidable headaches and negatively impacting revenue in the long run.

Alternatively, you may find that importing data from ad servers that do not yet have a direct ADvendio integration is both time-consuming and ineffective. The newly released Burt integration can help you import all critical programmatic data into ADvendio, eliminating the need to manually create media campaigns and advertising inventory items. This also ensures the accuracy of your data at all times through regularly scheduled imports that update all relevant information.

Ensure accuracy with comparable programmatic data on-demand

Whether or not third-party data is used for your billing processes, it is recommended that publishers use a system that allows for the storage of both first- and third-party data for every deal type. Publishers can then easily analyze and investigate discrepancies in campaign performance within ADvendio by comparing stored first- and third-party results.

With the Burt integration, you can sync only the most important data with ADvendio. This information can then be used to streamline and automate manual processes, as well as to improve your current workflows. For example, creating media campaigns within ADvendio using programmatic data from your connected SSP, or connecting ad units, placements, and formats to your ADvendio organization using our Programmatic Price Wizard.

This seamless connection between all of your media platforms and your order management system allows you to eliminate time-consuming double entry, save time on invoicing and manual billing reconciliation, as well as reducing common data handling errors. This will result in improved back-end processes, increasing the accuracy and transparency of revenue recognition within your OMS.

Ensure smarter ad sales with a data-driven approach

The integration of ADvendio with Burt provides numerous advantages to publishers in managing programmatic data from third-party sources. As an effective data aggregator, Burt can finally centralize all of your programmatic data from various third-party sources into a single interconnected solution i.e. ADvendio for on-demand access to all your programmatic data. Imported data can be directly linked to the advertiser account to which it relates, ensuring greater transparency and accuracy of transactions per customer.

The Burt integration can be used to segment and track data from multiple SSP partners in order to compare performance at the media campaign level as shown above. This feature allows you to gain a better understanding of your ad tech partners’ performance over time. All imported programmatic data can be combined with and supplemented by information already stored in your ADvendio organization to generate powerful live reports and dashboards, ensuring a data-driven approach to all ad sales activities.

The Burt integration is now available to all customers as part of ADvendio versions 2.144.1 and up. For more information on the Burt integration as well as step-by-step implementation guides check out the ADvendio wiki.