People are expensive: automation is not. Rubicon is a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) which allows publishers to maximise the revenue from advertising, by comparing programmatic and direct sales.

What Rubicon does:

  • Now ADvendio users can see the revenue streams of their programmatic sold inventory and can compare them with the directly sold equivalent
  • Customers can see what their clients do with the inventory
  • Everyone benefits from transparency and visibility
  • The Rubicon SSP provides ADvendio with data about the sold inventory in both revenue streams – ADvendio analyses it and makes it available as a report to each customer

General Information about Rubicon

Its mission is to keep the internet free and open and fuel its growth by making it easy and convenient to buy and sell advertising.

Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project’s pioneering technology created a new model for the advertising industry. Today, their automated advertising platform is used by the world’s leading publishers and applications to transact with top brands around the globe enabling them to reach more than one billion consumers. Rubicon Project is a publicly-traded company (NYSE: RUBI) headquartered in Los Angeles, California.Rubicon Provides:

One platform to manage your direct and programmatic advertising business. You can empower your sales team with their trusted solutions and sell your inventory in any manner you choose – across all formats, devices, and platforms.

Global Access To Diverse Demand

Make your inventory available to hundreds of DSPs and trading desks, and the tens of thousands of advertisers they represent. With Rubicon Project, you can rest assured you’re getting brand protection and quality content.

Greater Yield From Each Impression

Manage your inventory in one integrated platform. Rubicon Project’s sophisticated automation and real time bidding (RTB) technologies help you monetize your audience for greater yield from impressions.

One Platform To Manage Your Direct And Programmatic Media Business

Join the Rubicon Project marketplace and start buying multi-channel campaigns across every format, any screen and all audience types.ADvendio is pleased to extend its application by partnering with Rubicon. CEO Bernd Bube says,

We are extending our position as the worldwide leading commercial cloud solution for advertising sellers covering the full business process. With the Rubicon Project we add another SSP to ensure that our customers are getting a full 360°-revenue-view, profound analytics and the maximum yield from their advertising inventory.