Cross-media ad availability calendar for print, out-of-home and digital advertising

ADvendio, provider of order management solutions for cross-media advertising, announces the launch of its ‘booking calendar’ feature. The feature is the first of its kind in the world and enables publishers to deliver better quotes for advertising campaigns faster. For the first time ever, the calendar, which is fully integrated into the ADvendio solution, provides publishers with an overall view of all available advertising spaces and formats, allowing them to offer their customers the best possible counsel. Meanwhile the new feature covers all media channels – from print or out-of-home to exclusive online placements, known as ‘fixed day placements’. Sales teams quickly get an overview of all the available inventory slots and can work much more efficiently as a result.

So far, publishers worldwide depended on booking processes which were often based on static lists. This was due to the complexity of the ad inventory as well as the lack of appropriate digital environments. Additionally, in many cases, conventional and internally developed booking processes and solutions are specialized towards their corresponding media channels, and only inadequately expandable into other channels. With users’ growing cross-channel media usage, publishers must also increasingly mesh their cross-media inventory offerings. As ADvendio works on the leading cloud-based platform Salesforce® and has used a cross-media data model from the outset, this approach is now possible. The proposal workflow, which is automated through the booking calendar, makes the entire sales process significantly faster and more transparent.

With the new booking calendar, ADvendio customers can instantly see which booking options are still available in each media campaign – which are broken down into individual channels, the corresponding inventory, as well as duration. Each member of the sales team can see all the activities of their colleagues and therefore can immediately identify and filter out inventory which is blocked for other customers. Since no more third-party systems need to be integrated, typical mistakes like double bookings can be avoided. The calendar provides an automated real-time overview of available, reserved or booked inventory. Therefore, the customer quickly and easily obtains customized placement options. Regardless of specific customer requests, the sales staff can also show all available inventories in a particular segment for a certain period of time, for the purpose of upselling. This allows optimal asset utilization to be achieved through targeted modulation of advertising media.

Freely definable templates are configured by ADvendio and can be adapted to the individual requirements of the publisher. This enables the administrators to insert or hide fields according to requirements, for example, displaying additional information on individual products – such as feature topics of publications or public transport schedules, which are important for out-of-home advertising.

The the new ADvendio booking calendar is a unique feature in the market, says Stefan Ropte, Director of Product & Innovation.

Especially with regards to ‘offline’ formats, there has simply not been any system, until now, that doesn’t rely on list-based inventory data at some stage in the process, and certainly none that was designed for cross-media. The rapid development of the media market forces many companies to consolidate their formerly separate print, out-of-home, TV, or digital departments, in order to generate more sales and execute better convergent campaigns. The booking calendar supports increasing cooperation between different media channels and facilitates cross-media ad management for both the publishers and advertisers.”

For more information watch the ad booking demo video.