Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who uses technology in the publishing business. It brings together pioneers and decision-makers to explore new directions. The VDZ Tech Summit helps you optimize your business processes and design new business models.

When and where?

The conference is being held on November 22 and 23, 2016 in Hamburg’s Empire Riverside Hotel. ADvendio will also once again be a sponsor of this event, as well as other major companies like KPMG, Deutsche Post and AGFA.

About ADvendio

We offer media companies a way of increasing their revenue by optimizing their advertising solution. Our advanced technology is built into Salesforce® and makes your sales team more efficient as well as reducing unsold inventory. It works for online advertising, print, and TV. Easy to use, it is utilized by many companies in the sector.

During the VDZ Tech Summit, attendees will meet, exchange knowledge and network, creating a valuable synthesis of IT and media company/publishing house business methods. ADvendio is proud to sponsor this event. We expect companies and organizations who attend to reap the benefits of being at the cutting edge of new technology and the best business practices.

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