At ADvendio, our customers are number one priority and we are committed to ensure they have all the necessary tools and information on hand to succeed.

Therefore in order to further support our customers, we are delighted to officially announce the expansion of our Customer Success Department within ADvendio.

Headed by both Myriam Hirt, Customer Relationship Manager who will continue to work closely with account managers and sales, & Mark Gaser, Customer Success Manager who will be supporting any technical requirements which customers may face. They will continue to expand their team in the coming year to further develop and support our current processes to ensure the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Myriam Hirt, Customer Relationship Manager adds: “Together with Mark, we are very happy to form this team who have already successfully worked together throughout the past year to assure the success of our valued customers. We have a lot of work ahead but are strongly committed to delivering what it takes to make our customers happy throughout their entire journey with ADvendio. Great teamwork, good communication, dedication & passion are only a few of the attributes of what it takes to heroically manage our clients’ journey. We are looking forward to the year ahead!”

Our newly formed customer success team is committed to deliver what it takes to ensure our customers are happy from implementation, to early after-sales phases and throughout their entire customer life cycle with ADvendio and are excited to work closely with our customers to enhance and improve their experience with ADvendio.

We are looking forward to helping our customers succeed in 2021 and beyond!

For more information on our customer success team members and how they can support your business requirements, please do not hesitate to contact either member of our Customer Success Team.