Now available with complete bi-directional integration. presents its newest ad server integration. After Doubleclick DFP, smart Ad Server and ADITION, we are deligthed that the development of the ADTECH integration with based on’s infrastructure is completed. Usually an individual integration project requires high implementation costs and takes several months. When purchasing’s Professional Edition or Sales Cloud Package you can get started right away. Furthermore ADTECH clients can benefit of streamlined processes without extra charges for ad server integration.

Due to the popularity and range of AOL ADTECH with customers in more than 40 countries, we decided to add it to our integration portfolio. By integrating ADTECH with you get an optimal sales workflow: Simply transfer your confirmed IO from to ADTECH and process everything with a single click.
Please check our references in order to see who already uses our together with ADTECH.

Your benefits:

  • Time targeting (day of the week, hour of day)
  • Geo targeting (country, city)
  • Online targeting (browser, OS)
  • Keyword targeting
  • Frequency capping (time based method, time unit, session/visit based method)


  • Available impressions


  • Priority
  • Leading flights

Delivery report

  • Delivered impressions
  • Delivered clicks
  • Monthly metrics

With the ADTECH integration you receive one seamless sales process starting with managing your inventory to creating media campaigns, requesting availabilities, generating proposals automatically, booking the confirmed IO’s on your ad server and exporting necessary billing data. See how’s Professional plan can help you today with a personalized demo.