March will be an exciting month as Digiday hold their annual publishing summit in both Europe and North America. This year’s publishing summits will be held in no other than Milan, Italy and Vail, Colorado.

With speakers from companies such as Bonnier News, Condé Nast International, NBC and The New York Times, leaders from the publishing industry will be discussing pressing challenges currently facing publishers. Therefore, these events discussions are not to be missed.

The Digiday Publishing Summit Europe will look at how media owners are building products to monetize audiences, analyzing data and incorporating insights, while Digiday Publishing Summit will cover everything from measurement, to consumer revenue and how publishers are transforming into cross-media platforms.

We’ve created a list of 8 session topics you won’t want to miss at these events.

Digiday Publishing Summit Europe – Milan, Italy

1. How Business Insider Monetizes International Audiences
Tuesday, March 5th, 2:40 pm

Julian Childs, managing director at Business Insider will lead this session. He will discuss how Business Insider has created a loyal international audience. Childs will reflect on their journey, how they have been compliant, their successes and their learning curves along the way. He explains how they are currently working to unify international audiences, to create a single user view from around the world and better monetize their publications.

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2. Conquering Europe: Geographical Expansion in Nuanced, Independent Media Ecosystems
Tuesday, March 5th, 3:15 pm

With Europe being notoriously difficult for publishers to crack, due to language requirements and various market sizes, publishers often wonder if the payoff is worth the risk. Andrea Scotti Calderini, founder of Freeda Media discusses how to go about regional expansion, risk management, investment and where efforts should be focused.

3. Keeping Up With a Constantly Evolving Video Model
Wednesday, March 6th, 10:50 am

Video advertising operations is a huge topic this year. Therefore, this is a discussion you do not want to miss. VICE Media is a digital publisher who constantly switches it up and experiments with new formats. Therefore it is no surprise that when it comes to video they have done it all. Tamara Howe, chief content officer will share her thoughts and opinion on VICE’s quest to stay ahead of the game while keeping their audience alert.

4. How Schibsted Created a News App for Younger Audiences
Thursday, March 7th, 10:45 am

Traditional media houses are finding the younger generations hard to reach and connect with. UX Researcher Ane Sharma from Schibsted will discuss how they identified and shaped a new digital news product for this younger audience. By identifying the needs of this target group via intensive research and insight gathering, Schibsted designed and created the app Peil, a news destination for younger Norwegians.

Digiday Publishing Summit North America – Vail, Colorado

5. Beyond Advertising 
Wednesday, March 27, 3:40 pm

The debate over paywalls and merchandise continues with discussions on how to supplement advertising revenue with new income sources. Geoff Schiller, Popsugar’s CRO discusses how publishers are now going beyond advertising.

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6. The Future of Programmatic
Wednesday, March 27, 5:25 pm

As the future of programmatic continues to be at the forefront of people’s conversation, this session is not to be missed as Digiday discusses the future of programmatic advertising and why banner ads continue to hold steady.

7. Balancing Subscriptions with Advertising in OTT
Thursday, March 28, 9:25 am

Media companies who build and manage streaming media video apps, have to be strategic with regards to their revenue strategies, by having the correct mix of subscriptions and advertising. Publishers discuss how they approach a dual revenue stream on their OTT applications.

8. Where Diversification is Heading
Friday, March 29, 10:50 am

Throughout this 3-day summit, publishers will discuss an array of topics including new tactics and products enabling them to diversify their revenue. This session will discuss predictions and trends for 2019!

We look forward to attending the Digiday Publishing Summit as an official sponsor for both events!


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