We aim to improve the ADvendio product on a regular basis to give our customers the best possible experience. As a result, our ADvendio Product & Development team launches new customer-focused features and updates every month to ensure that our omnichannel advertising management platform is future-proofed to meet the evolving needs of advertising industry stakeholders.

Over the last number of weeks, we’ve added a variety of new features and product enhancements to our Winter ‘23 Release Package. This Winter, we put a special emphasis on enhancing our campaign management capabilities, streamlining billing processes and developing new connections such as our brand-new LinkedIn integration for media buying.

A summary of some of the main improvements we made available to customers this Winter can be found below.

Omnichannel Campaign Management

We aim to regularly improve our campaign management capabilities so that our publishers can easily design and execute omnichannel campaigns of all sizes and budgets. For this particular Winter edition, we have focused on developing the following enhancements:

Advanced Campaign Builder Features

The Campaign Builder has been improved with new features to offer more flexible targeting and scheduling options. Users can now use net calculator fields, set automatic frequency calculations and split campaign elements by specific parameters for streamlined workflows.

In an effort to further simplify the campaign creation process, the Campaign Builder now also supports the selection of release dates for print and out-of-home inventory, as well as upgraded Targeting Sets and Groups, such as our recent Google creative targeting enhancements and programmable splits for Xandr.

Flexible targeting sets can also be used to streamline campaign setup on frequently used targeting combinations; while brands, products, and categories can be selected as Brands and Products Advertised for Campaign Items in the Campaign Builder targeting component.

ADvendio Winter ‘23 Release: New Features and Enhancements Advendio

Inventory Forecast

This Beta release includes a new Availability Check logic for exclusive items to be run through an external service for improved performance in cross-channel use cases. The new logic supports a new data model for availability as well.

Direct Creative Removal

Our Creative Upload feature (for Google Ad Manager and Xandr) has been enhanced to include the ability to remove creatives, allowing you to easily exchange or stop items from being delivered. The information delivered is synchronized with connected ad servers.

Self-service Enhancements

Recent improvements to upgrade our self-service portal experience include the ability to evenly distribute budgets across campaign items and additional filtering options for the inventory results list. For more information on our most frequent Self-service portal use cases, read this blog post.

Advanced Finance Capabilities

At the end of each month, publishers and agencies must generate reports on all campaigns, channels and clients to ensure timely payment of outstanding fees for work performed to ensure accurate accounting records at the end of the financial year.

ADvendio’s finance hub enables companies to efficiently manage the entire advertising finance process, from order to invoice. With the aim of freeing up the time and effort of your finance department, in this Winter update, we have further developed our sophisticated accounting features including:

Streamlined Accounting Records

This enhanced feature allows you to easily start accounting processes with a single click. Simply check the desired fields and save the filter settings to generate all the necessary accounting records for the selected items. Additionally, we have released an update that allows the linear distribution of accounting records for connected items.

Improved Billing Run

Our billing process has been updated to consider all changes made to Media Campaigns where pre-invoices exist, including the latest available data to ensure accurate billing and invoicing.

Flexible Invoice and Invoice Item Cancellation

With this update, customers can now cancel not only entire invoices but also individual invoice items. The old cancellation button will be deprecated.

ADvendio Winter ‘23 Release: New Features and Enhancements Advendio

Seamless Connections For Your Data

At ADvendio, we understand that the complexity of the advertising industry is at its peak; whether you are a media buyer or a seller, there is a multitude of systems and platforms necessary to carry out your day-to-day advertising needs. As a result, and to maximize business efficiency, we prioritize simplifying the management of all advertising activities through native integration enhancements such as:

LinkedIn Integration

Our latest media buying integration allows you to connect your LinkedIn accounts to ADvendio and report your media costs and performance data live from LinkedIn. Moreover, you can also compare your planned media buying budgets directly from our platform.

ADvendio Winter ‘23 Release: New Features and Enhancements Advendio

Generic Programmatic Revenue Import

We have implemented an enhancement to upload data from any source into ADvendio and benefit from our programmatic import features. To get a 360-degree overview of your programmatic revenue streams, group them by source, deal type, advertiser and inventory and compare them directly with your campaigns in ADvendio. The new CSV upload and API endpoint simplify entering your own data.

Enhancements to Our Existing Integrations

We have developed connection improvements for Video and Ad Servers, such as allowing users to seamlessly push an Augmented Video Item to Xandr with a CPCv revenue type.

In addition, AdsWizz has now an improved Ad Server submission feature to submit orders based on media campaigns and also new developments that allow Adswizz to use zone tags as inventory targeting.

Finally, the latest enhancement for Triton allows you to automatically sync and check the booking status of campaign items to see which items are live in the AdServer.

Programmable Splits for Xandr

For more detailed configuration and targeting of campaign items, a new option of Programmable Splits or Creative Targeting is now available in the Campaign Builder for Xandr. Furthermore, Programmable Splits can now also be pre-defined as part of the targeting set to further simplify the campaign creation process.

View of Contending Bookings in AdButler

Get more security in your campaign planning by viewing other bookings in your current AdButler inventory directly from ADvendio.

Creative Upload for Google Ad Manager

A new feature has been added to allow customers to use Creative Tags received from Campaign Manager 360 when managing Creatives for Google Ad Manager.

For customers who would like further details on our features, release note information, or support information you can access the ADvendio Knowledge Base at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about ADvendio, you can check out our AppExchange® listing or simply reach out to your ADvendio technical account manager who will be happy to discuss your needs in further detail.