We aim to continuously enhance the ADvendio product to ensure the best possible user experience. Therefore, each month our team releases new customer-focused features and enhancements, as we continue to future-proof our ad revenue management software to meet the constantly evolving needs of ad operations professionals.

Our winter 2020 release highlights some diverse and exciting new features and product enhancements with a particular focus on self-service, ad server gateways with FreeWheel and Google AdManager, dynamic pricing and targeting sets.

See below for an overview of some of the key developments we have made available to you this Winter:

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Ad Server Updates

ADvendio knows the importance of security and maintenance and thus guarantees that customers will always be on the latest ad server API version. The delivery of the up-to-date ad server APIs happens automatically once you or your system administrator updates your system to the latest ADvendio version.

ADvendio is now using these versions:

  • Freewheel: Ad Unit API v4 and Forecasting API v4
  • Google AdManager (DFP): API v201908

In addition, the way ADvendio handles the logical connection between inventory and video for Freewheel has been improved so that you can benefit from extended combination possibilities and improved targeting.

Introduction to Self Service

Self-service is an important future change as it allows your customers to directly configure the products they need for the creation of media campaigns and send this information directly to you, creating a streamlined, transparent and error-proof communication and campaign booking. For ultimate efficiency, you can allow customers to manage all their standard ADvendio processes directly via the portal in comfort thanks to intelligent moderation and user permission rules.

In this release, we have launched one of our core components to take the next step on the road towards helping you build self-service solutions. Customers from outside Salesforce can now check the availability of ad server related products via an API.

Decimal Places for Amount Calculation

The Winter’ 20 Release brings an important billing improvement making the amount calculation more precise. You now have the ability to configure decimal places for sales price. This is especially important, for example, for billing categories with very low sales prices, such as an article with CPCV at 0.06743 and a quantity of 1000. You can now invoice this item to the value of 67,43 instead of the previous value of 60,00.

Targeting Sets

Our new feature targeting sets will simplify the life of your sales reps and reduce the time and effort spent on managing your ad server related targeting. Instead of clicking through a large list and trying to find the right combination of audience targeting, it is now possible to pre-configure sets, give them individual names and assign them in the future where applicable with a push of a button.

Selected targeting sets for your campaign items can be submitted directly to your ad server, reducing errors and allowing more time to spend on optimizing your ad revenue!

Advanced Exclusivity Check-in Preparation of the ProductSearch+

Within this release, we have improved the exclusivity check logic to lay the foundation for the ProductSearch+, which will enable you to search based on campaign goals and target audiences instead of technical product criteria!

Dynamic Pricing

ADvendio’s dynamic pricing ensures that you can sell your inventory for the correct price by configuring necessary surcharge or discounts based on established criteria. To make this feature even more flexible, while ensuring the criteria meet your special business needs, you can now set up custom matching criteria for your price rules.

In addition, you can now also configure rules that apply only for packages. When such rules are applicable, you prevent the matching of non-package related price rules, further ensuring the accurate pricing of your inventory.

Salesforce Standard Datatable Implementation

The implementation of Salesforce standard data tables into ADvendio’s campaign item related list, third party commission wizard, publisher payout, media search, and ad server exclusion manager, makes it possible to avail of a number of new features and functionalities for all customers. Sorting and managing your publisher payouts and third-party commissions is now much easier with capabilities such as resizing columns, sorting by column, and dynamic loading/autoloading.

Invoicing and Pre-Invoicing Improvements

A strong and fluent invoicing process of media campaigns is the foundation to maximize ad revenue. Therefore it is important to keep all interested parties like the finance department or the account manager in the loop. ADvendio now makes this even easier by enabling you to send an invoice email to many recipients as part of the invoicing process.

Furthermore, we have enhanced our pre-invoice automation so that you can specify which email addresses should receive the job result email, regardless of who started the job. This is especially useful for customers who are managing multiple legal entities within one Salesforce Org or when issues occur within the automation and you want to ensure that the correct person is notified in order to be able to take action.

Make sure to stay informed of our latest development & enhancement release notes which you can access via the ADvendio Knowledge Base. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out ADvendio on the AppExchange® or by requesting a Demo with one of our sales reps.