The visit report function enables you to create protocols of your events. You can enter information like meeting members, date, reason for the appointment, next steps, the meeting’s objectives and everything you’ve talked about.

Visit report as perfect control mechanism The function is particularly suited for your sales monitoring. You can either control the performance of your sales manager via the revenue they generate (but this is often not sufficient) or via visit reports. Whenever your sales representatives meet with potential customers they have to write a visit report that contains all the information you want to know. Obviously you learn about the visit frequency of your sales rep, too. You can trail and reconstruct the activities of your staff and therefore use visit reports as evaluation and performance tracking instrument.

Strengthening your client relationships Another main advantage is the client reporting. As information like presented websites or discussed agencies should be stated in the reports you can show your clients to whom their titles have been presented to. Once the information is in your system it can automatically be sent to the mailing list that might include your clients as well. This leads to improved relationships with your website publishers which are reassured that your company is doing it’s job to promote their titles.

Therefore the reports provide an important basis for your salesmen evaluation as well as a tool of client reporting.

 You can generate visit reports easily by simply pushing the “Create Visit Report” button in your event. Information already existing in the event is automatically transferred to the visit report.

 As you can see visit reports are the ideal instrument to analyze and optimize your ad sales.