Real-time analytics to optimize ad sales success: How to build reports & dashboards hassle free within minutes.

The report and dashboard functionality enables you to make the most out of operating figures and key data that are important for you and your team. With you can report on and visualize all sorts of existing data, like media campaign performances, ad specs effectiveness, revenue by account or sales rep, client accomplishments and many more.

The all-in-one approach with centralized data combined with the powerful analytics tool helps you to

  • reduce time spent searching through different spreadsheets,
  • pass on relevant, attractively displayed information to advertisers, agencies and clients,
  • quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in your business and
  • make smart decisions to improve sales productivity and grow ad sales revenue.

With the reporting and dashboard functionality in, analyzing your business has never been easier. This video shows you how to set up a customized report and how to create three different dashboards using the uncomplicated analytics wizard.