We strive to continuously enhance the ADvendio product to ensure our users have the best possible experience. Therefore, each month our the ADvendio Product & Development team releases new customer-focused features and enhancements to future-proof our ad revenue management software to meet the constantly evolving needs of advertising industry professionals.

Our summer 2020 release highlights some diverse and exciting new features and product enhancements over the past four months. This Summer we placed particular focus on our new features for subscription contract management for recurring advertising and media search plus for guaranteed campaign ready media selection. See below for a brief overview of a number of the key developments we have made available to customers this Summer:

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Up-to-date Ad Server Gateway APIs

Customers benefit from the assurance that ADvendio will always be running the latest ad server API version. The delivery of up-to-date ad server APIs happens automatically once you or your system administrator updates your ADvendio system to the latest version.

ADvendio is now using the following versions:

  • Features from FreeWheel v6.28 release
  • v202005 for the Google Ad Manager (DFP)

Managing Complex Subscription Contracts

Our most exciting new development of the current release introduces a host of new features for managing recurring subscriptions for ad inventory in ADvendio. This feature is perfect for any publisher who sells regular inventory to advertisers or manages any form of regular recurring invoicing. As well as managing your Contracts, you can update running subscriptions in ADvendio allowing easy modification of existing subscriptions to upgrade or downgrade live plans, as well as end running contracts prematurely in the event of any change. Handy auto-renewal and cancellation period enhancements ensure you save time on your subscription contract management activities by availing of our automated background processes.

Summer ‘20 Release: New Features and Enhancements For Streamlined Ad Transactions Advendio

Seamless Invoicing of Time-based Activities

For customers who invoice design work, consulting services, or other activities on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis we have extended the inventory types and invoicing possibilities available to manage these within ADvendio. With the addition of timesheets and activities, as well as a new Cost per Hour (CPH) billing category, customers can easily create invoices on time-based activities. Simply set up how you want to manage your timesheets and our automated invoicing processes will not only create invoices based on activities in the relevant time period but also link those activities to your invoice items for enhanced reporting and tracking capabilities.

Book Campaign Ready Media Across All Channels

With the latest improvement to the check availability function within ADvendio, it is now possible to check your digital inventory availability directly from the media search feature to enhance the user experience when working in ADvendio. This simple update allows you to save time on campaign creation by showing only products that are available for booking as you plan your campaigns. With our latest update, you are now able to check the availability & exclusivity of your digital and non-digital inventory for seamless cross-media ad campaign planning & booking.

Enhanced media selection based on target audience

Another exciting new feature we are proud to unveil from our summer release is our media search plus. This feature helps customers to book campaign-ready inventory more natively in the planning process. Allowing customers to input the target audience or interest groups that they would like to target for their campaign and displaying available inventory that matches search criteria to help reach the desired audience. Real-time inventory availability and matching filters make this process quick & easy for seamless media selection. ADvendio’s 2.128 release saw the implementation of target group filtering options to enable customers to book media based on target audience information for example health & wellbeing or sports fans.

Summer ‘20 Release: New Features and Enhancements For Streamlined Ad Transactions Advendio

Enhance your Business Processes with Flows

It is now possible to use Salesforce flows within ADvendio to better suit your business processes, particularly for checking the availability of inventory and submitting inventory to connected ad servers. Customers can now use this feature very dynamically to create an order stop flow or to set up validations before campaign items can be booked by users. This update strengthens our self-service advertising portal offering by making further features & processes from the core ADvendio solution available to self-service users for full process ad management via our innovative self-service infrastructure.

Lightning Import Planning Center & Enhanced Scheduling Interface

Another exciting new addition this month has been the lightning import planning centre release to support data connections between ADvendio and your external systems, including ad servers and exchanges. The import planning centre allows you to easily manage all aspects of your programmatic and delivery data including setting and checking schedules, creating workflows to use the data in ADvendio once an import has been completed, and creating detailed reports based on this information.

Summer ‘20 Release: New Features and Enhancements For Streamlined Ad Transactions Advendio

In order to sync your connected platforms with ADvendio in a faster, more convenient way, we have also introduced a new ‘Transfer to ADvendio’ interface. This means customers can now fully automate the import of targeting criteria inventory IDs, and audience & delivery data from external sources with regularly scheduled imports. The updated interface makes this process easy to set up and provides users with a clear view of key information such as sync status, last import, and next planned import to ensure all your third-party data is available in ADvendio when you need it.

Summer ‘20 Release: New Features and Enhancements For Streamlined Ad Transactions Advendio

For customers who would like further details on our features, release note information, or support information you can access the ADvendio Knowledge Base at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about ADvendio, you can check out our AppExchange® listing or simply reach out to your ADvendio technical account manager who will be happy to discuss your needs in further detail.