Efficiently managing digital advertising campaigns can be a complex task, requiring careful selection of the right targeting options. ADvendio’s Targeting Sets feature simplifies this process by empowering clients to preconfigure combinations of targeting, ensuring seamless campaign setup. With our comprehensive Targeting Sets, sales reps and ad operations teams can choose between setting technical targeting in the background, reusing frequently used combinations, or creating flexible targeting options, providing a streamlined solution for their campaign needs.

Streamline Your Advertising Campaigns with ADvendio's Targeting Sets Advendio

Designed to enhance the decision-making process for Sales and Ad Operations professionals, Targeting Sets offer a more efficient approach to selecting the ideal targeting options for advertising campaigns. Rather than manually selecting individual criteria such as countries or audiences, sales representatives can effortlessly choose from a curated list of pre-defined Targeting Sets. This time-saving feature not only expedites campaign setup but also enhances overall campaign management efficiency.

In this article, we will delve into the benefits of ADvendio Targeting Sets, explore different use cases and guide you step-by-step on how to get the most out of this useful feature.

Targeting Sets Benefits

Targeting Sets offer numerous benefits for customers, making campaign setup and management more efficient and effective. With ADvendio’s Targeting Sets feature, customers can:

Achieve Precise Technical Targeting

By configuring pre-defined combinations, advertisers can define specific technical targeting criteria with ease. Targeting Sets ensure that advertisements reach their intended audience precisely. This feature is particularly valuable for inventory managers who want to predefine technical targeting for their advertising items.

Save Time with Reusable Combinations

Sales representatives no longer need to manually select individual targeting criteria for each campaign. Targeting Sets allow users to choose from a list of pre-defined combinations, saving time and effort. This streamlines the campaign setup process and ensures consistent targeting across campaigns.

Easily Customize Targeting Combination

Targeting Sets offer the flexibility to adjust and modify targeting combinations during campaign setup. Customers can assign a flexible targeting set to a relevant product or customer, empowering them to customize the pre-defined targeting to meet specific campaign requirements. This flexibility enables publishers to optimize the targeting strategy without starting from scratch.

How Do You Prepare Your Targeting Sets?

Creating a Targeting Set can be done in a snap with ADvendio’s user-friendly Targeting Set Wizard. The process involves two simple steps:

Naming and System Connection

Customers assign a name to their Targeting Set and choose the appropriate system connection to specify their desired targeting criteria. Once the system connection is selected, the available targeting options for that system are offered to be included in the set.

Streamline Your Advertising Campaigns with ADvendio's Targeting Sets Advendio

Selecting Targeting Tabs

During the Targeting Set preparation phase, customers can easily select the relevant targeting tabs that align with their advertising goals. They can define specific targeting criteria, such as demographics, interests, or geographic locations, to create comprehensive and effective targeting combinations.

Use Cases for Targeting Sets

ADvendio’s Targeting Sets feature offers a number of use cases tailored to meet multiple customer needs:

Technical Targeting

By defining a Targeting Set as technical targeting, users won’t see the targeting options during campaign creation. However, the targeting criteria will be considered in the background during AdServer processes, ensuring smooth order submission and avoiding confusion. Simply assign the Targeting Set to the relevant product or customer to apply this functionality.

Reusing Frequently Used Combinations

ADvendio’s Targeting Sets streamline the process of using frequently employed targeting combinations. With this feature, Sales users or ad operations professionals can easily select the Targeting Sets option in the Campaign Builder, simplifying the targeting selection process based on the assigned set name.

Flexible Combinations

Targeting Sets also cater to those who prefer flexibility in their targeting strategy. By assigning a Targeting Set as a flexible combination, users can modify the pre-defined targeting on the fly. This empowers publishers to add or remove targeting criteria as needed, allowing for customization while benefiting from the initial targeting setup.


ADvendio’s Targeting Sets feature empowers publishers to optimize their campaign setup process. With technical targeting, reusable combinations, and flexible customization options, Targeting Sets save valuable time and improve overall campaign efficiency. By utilizing Targeting Sets, customers can streamline their advertising campaigns, ensure precise audience targeting, and achieve better campaign performance.

Get Started with ADvendio

Support for targeting sets is available to all customers. Customers can visit the ADvendio knowledge base at any time for more information on our features, release notes or support. If you’d like to learn more about ADvendio, please visit our Salesforce AppExchange® listing or contact your ADvendio technical account manager, who will be happy to assist you.