Take an exciting journey through the enhanced features of ADvendio’s Spring ’23 Release in our exclusive video recording. Starting with our upgraded Booking Calendar, we’ll guide you through a series of powerful improvements that will transform your advertising efforts.

Experience the streamlined campaign booking process offered by our upgraded Booking Calendar, ensuring seamless campaign management and optimization. Additionally, dive into the world of digital out-of-home advertising with the newly released Broadsign integration, expanding your reach and connecting you to your target audience with ease.

Next, discover how our comprehensive support and tailored tools empower your Media Buying capabilities, allowing you to thrive in the ever-changing media industry. Gain full control of your ad campaigns with the advanced features of our Programmatic Deals, providing you with increased flexibility and campaign success.

Lastly, to further elevate your advertising workflows, explore the potential of our Media Integration API. Seamlessly connect ADvendio with other systems, automating processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Watch our Spring ’23 roundup video by clicking the link below as Product Manager Nicole Backeberg & Customer Success Specialist Kenneth Puche guide you through a live demo of these featured enhancements.

Check out the full release video – www.advendio.com/spring-23-release-video