We aim to continuously enhance the ADvendio product to ensure the best possible experience. Therefore, each month our team releases new customer-focused features and enhancements, as we continue to future-proof our ad transaction management software to meet the constantly evolving needs of publishers, advertisers and agencies.

Our Spring 2020 release highlights some exciting new features and product enhancements with a particular focus on media search, booking calendar and availability check for ad server and exclusive products. Watch our Spring ’20 roundup webinar below as Product Manager Jennifer Hornibrook & Account Manager Samantha Westphal guide you through a live demo of these featured enhancements.

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See below for an overview of some of the key developments we have made available to you this Spring:

Ad Server Updates

ADvendio knows the importance of security and maintenance and thus guarantees that customers will always be on the latest ad server API version. The delivery of the up-to-date ad server APIs happens automatically once you or your system administrator updates to the latest version of ADvendio.

ADvendio has been updated to use Google Ad Manager (DFP): API v202002

Media Search

We are constantly extending our Media Search for you. Media Search helps you to find the media products you would like to add to your campaigns. Our latest improvement is the implementation of Exclusivity Check capabilities for all your non-digital inventory. This ensures that when building campaigns you can be confident that the inventory you are selecting is available already before you even enter the Media Configuration.

Booking Calendar

Our Booking Calendar is one of the key features for many of our customers who use it on a daily basis to stay on top of their available, offered, booked, and over-booked inventory. To ensure a consistent design within ADvendio and provide you with a sleek, easy to use system, we have enhanced the user experience and usability of Booking Calendar with brand new Lightning design.

Ad Server Availability Check

We have enhanced our ad server availability check feature in the Media Configuration tool so that you can check your inventory on-the-fly while configuring your Campaign Items. Review in real-time if your configured items are available on your integrated ad server. This allows you to immediately adjust your targeting criteria, and adjust if there are not enough impressions available to meet your campaign goals.

Check Availability for Exclusive Products

Not all your Inventory is connected to an AdServer or an external system that manages the availability of products. Take your print products for example, you still want to track how many items you’re selling, as you have only a limited number of pages to offer and over-selling is not an option. Stay on top of the availability of your exclusive products, whether digital or traditional, immediately after selection for configuration with our enhanced availability check functionality.

Make sure to stay informed of our latest development & enhancement release notes which you can access via the ADvendio Knowledge Base. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out ADvendio on AppExchange® or by requesting a Demo with one of our sales reps.