Everything you need for streamlined ad booking and management!

The innovative advertising booking calendar automates the sales process and allows you to make the most of your ad inventory across all channels, while the inventory & rates manager eases onboarding of new media properties and products. Handy clone options and the AGOF connect integration complete this release.


Speed up your ad sales process with the world’s first cross-media inventory overview tool – Booking Calendar:

At many media companies the ad inventory selection process is based on separated and local lists (often Excel sheets), which have to be updated by every single sales rep manually. This method leads to an extremely slow and error prone proposal and order process. ADvendio’s booking calendar offers an automated real-time overview of available, offered, or booked inventory for every channel: print, out-of-home or exclusive digital placements.

The booking calendar can be accessed directly from within a media campaign. Creating your own predefined views s, e.g. only include placements of a certain title within the next three months, sales users can see formats and their availability in a calendar view and can easily select available ones with one click for the proposal. Ad specs added via the booking calendar can then be edited in the media configuration as usual. The products’ availability is updated automatically (as soon as the media campaign status is set to ‘proposed’ or ‘booked’). This unique automation of the proposal process not only leads to immense time saving, quality optimization and more effective collaboration but allows to offer more attractive cross-media packages for your customers – making the most of your ad inventory. Furthermore the transparent inventory usage overview leads to a better distribution of your ad specs.

Uncomplicated onboarding of new clients & advertising properties – Inventory & Rates Manager

Today publishers have more opportunities to target and monetize their audience than ever before. Thise width of advertising products leads to a high degree of complexity of inventory. Often the media database spans across many differentiated ad specs in miscellaneous varieties (formats, billing types, etc). If publishers manage different media channels on top it gets even more complex. This is why the creation, maintenance and expansion of the media database is very costly. Especially if the inventory of new ad sales clients (media owners) need to be included in the existing database the process is time-consuming. The new Inventory & Rates Manager enables the UI supported creation of many new products in less time. The user is guided step by step through the product creation process.

Especially if you are using an ad server integration, this feature eases the connection between ad server and ADvendio inventory database. By lessening the effort for database maintenance, we support your growth.

Immense time savings thanks to a flexible copy function of objects – Generic Clone

The new ‘Generic clone’ function allows you to duplicate any object including its child records. Especially for the proposal generation, granular duplication of past media campaigns is a huge time saver. The user may decide in detail what field and element should be copied or not. Therefore it is possible to clone a media campaigns’ campaign items and their targeting information but not the quantity, customer information, status or discounts. The clone function can be set up for any object within ADvendio.

Automatic exchange of proposals between sales houses and agencies – AGOF connect

To optimize processes for sales houses and agencies the OVK – Online Vermarkterkreis (German Association of Sales Houses) initiated the project ‘connect’, which is supposed to technically standardize the exchange of proposals and orders. After a successful initial test phase with selected ADvendio customers, the connection is now available to all users.