Optimized ad business processes with these Spring features!

Ad spec recommendations support ad sales manager with the perfect selection of your ad inventory during the campaign creation, while instant emailing of contracts further automates the premium ad sales process. Improvements in ad server integration and analytics complete this release.

Easy upsell feature for your sales team – Ad spec recommendations:
Due to numerous ad possibilities, formats and rates, it’s difficult for the sales team to always find ad specs that are appropriate, and that complement the requested products. With ad spec recommendations, similar ad specs or special promotions are automatically displayed according to the selections made by sales reps. This makes it easy to upsell additional products and push promotions internally. This video shows you how it works.

Instant e-mailing of proposals (proposal PDF in attachment):
You can easily create PDF proposals from your media campaigns. Send these now instantly via e-mail to your customer, without having to save the PDF elsewhere first. Your sales team can use your own e-mail templates (text). To ensure a continuous workflow the sent e-mail is immediately documented as a completed task in the media campaign.

Optimized proposal layout – Text blocks & color code setting:
With the help of predefined text blocks, you are now able to customize your proposals in line with your company standards. As soon as you’ve defined text blocks, your sales team can select and display them on the last page of your proposal. The color code setting allows you furthermore to design your proposals CI conform. Color the table on your proposal by filling in your preferred html color code in the proposal layout settings.

Handy media data export – Rate card report:
Thanks to this new standard report it’s easier to export your current rate card for customers or your media kit on your website. Using the rate card export function you can export your media data (assuming your rate card information is actual and maintained accordingly) with one click using the rate card export.

Up-to-date data on campaign performance – Daily site-based delivery data: In addition to the existing capability to display site-based performance by month, it is now possible to display delivery data by days. This way you receive e.g. for network rotation a detailed overview of delivery by property. Benefit form a more detailed revenue allocation according to property.

New limitation option during proposal creation – Exclude targeting in ad spec: Define within an ad spec if it should be available and selectable for certain targeting options or not. For example, if you don’t want an ad spec to be available for geo targeting, exclude it in the ad spec information and the corresponding option will not be displayed to sales reps during the media configuration.