Last week our very own Head of Sales, Samantha Giaver, had the privilege of being a guest on the highly regarded Beeler Cast podcast, hosted by Rob Beeler from Beeler Tech. The topic of discussion? The intricacies of order management systems (OMS) and how they are different for retail media networks and agencies.

During the podcast, Samantha shared some invaluable insights. She highlighted a common challenge faced by publishers, stating, “Publishers know what to do with data but often wonder how to obtain it.” On the flip side, when it comes to retail media, the challenge is different, as they often find themselves with an abundance of data, needing to figure out how to effectively utilize it.

If you’re curious to delve into this intriguing conversation, we invite you to click the “play” button above and listen to Sam and Rob’s discussion. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the field or simply eager to expand your knowledge, this podcast episode promises to provide a deeper understanding of OMS and its role in the advertising world.