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Optimize your ad sales workflow with an extensive ad server process integration

Setting up a CRM and order management solution is usually a complex project that requires a lot of time and high implementation costs. Till now only companies with huge investment backups have been able to finance perfectly customized systems. Based on the long-term experience we gained through many individual projects, the cost-effective standard solution ADvendio was developed. It contains everything you need to manage your daily business in ad sales.

Trust in reliable and scalable cloud technology from

As ADvendio is based on you can receive all benefits of this secure and business proven cloud infrastructure. There is no need to install any software or to provide any hardware. You automatically get the latest Salesforce and ADvendio updates and continuing new features for free. The web based business application allows unlimited and secure worldwide usage.

Choose ADvendio and start working after the import of your data within days

To minimize the implementation effort we offer the upload of your inventory as a service. All you need to do is entering your products in a predefined document and send it to us. We do the import of the data for you. The integration of your ad server* and the® platform license are included in the monthly user fees.

_“Online advertising sales as a service”

Start by registering for our fully functional 30 day free trial and discover how easy working with ADvendio is. In our trial you are able to

  • use your own inventory and generate proposals/IOs- calculate gross and net amounts
  • request availabilities directly from your ad server (supported so far: DFP, ADTECH, Adition, Smart)
  • receive revenue schedules and book from ADvendio
  • use reporting and dashboard components for your account and campaign monitoring
  • transfer your billing data.

ADvendio increases your effectiveness by automation and process integration

If high costs and time exposure have been your only reason hesitating to optimize your processes then ADvendio gives you a new perspective. Getting started is quick, easy and inexpensive! ADvendio offers continuous support of your operational processes: From proposal generation, planning and execution with detailed performance measurement to billing. The integrated process approach with ad server, ERP and office integration guarantees the consistency and transparency of your business data. By streamlining your workflows you are not only creating added value for your agencies and customers, but for your company as well. Your sales reps and ad managers will love it! We are happy to assist you with further information, so do not hesitate to contact us.

*see “bring your own ad server” for more information