The essential features winter webinar was our most attended event to date. This informative presentation covered many new features and improvements to assist media companies in 2018. For anyone who was unable to participate please find a recording below.

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  1. Self Service (00:03:08)
  2. New Feature – Accounting Interface (00:12:04)
  3. Customer Feature Request (00:18:58)
  4. New PDF Formats (00:19:16)
  5. Publication Date Wizard (00:27:50)
  6. Non-Media Line Items (00:37:30)
  7. New AdServer / SSP Integrations (00:40:28)
  8. AppNexus Adserver and SSP (00:40:40)
  9. Adswizz – Radio (00:52:34)
  10. Q&A Session (00:56:44)

You can find more information in our Release Notes.