With 2020 in full swing, we have had a very productive start to the new year at ADvendio. From our global team meeting, continued product developments & enhancements, and new hires, we had a busy start to the new year.

Here’s what we have been up to this month:

ADvendio 2020 Global Team Meeting

As we settle into the new year, we held our annual global team meeting with all of our offices and colleagues in Chile, Germany, Ireland, France, and the UK.

This meeting touched upon key updates and goals from all our departments along with discussing long term plans for ADvendio including:

  • ADvendio’s 2020 goals for global expansion
  • Improved cross-departmental alignment to ensure increased growth
  • Enhanced focus on customer satisfaction and customer success
  • Establishment of ADvendio partner program to enable improved partner initiatives
  • The continuous development of new features and capabilities to our ad management software with the importance of programmatic & self-service capabilities for 2020

New Product Enhancements

At ADvendio, our customers are our highest priority. Therefore we make continuous optimizations and enhancements to our ad management software as we focus on improving the user experience and integration with leading ad servers and ad exchanges.

Our latest features and enhancements include:

Content, Media Search and Product Search+

Our latest improvement on a new feature set is focused on better supporting the needs of digital out of home customers. Increased detailed availability checks and an improved Media search will be available with the latest release.

If you are interested in beta testing, feel free to contact your Technical Account Manager or [email protected]

Self Service Exclusivity Check

We are delighted to announce an additional improvement in our Self Service solution. The Exclusivity Check for non AdServer related products (print, OOH) will now also be available from outside of ADvendio, via an API.

Programmatic Revenue

With the release of the Beta version of our Programmatic feature, ADvendio will greatly enhance our product so that customers can now start to test immediately to see how businesses can benefit from our full data integration. Major changes include:

  • Generation of Media Campaigns to track your programmatic revenue per product and advertiser
  • Two different license models, offering the correct solution for the correct conditions
  • Model A: Use Salesforce Big Objects, offering the highest security by storing all data in one location
  • Model B: Processing data in AWS and importing the results directly into Salesforce, providing a cost-effective solution. This will be available in February.

Commercial Optimizer Improvement

The optimizer is a powerful ADvendio feature to modify and change your running media campaign line items according to your and your customers’ needs. When conducting an Order Amendment for invoiced items, invoices are automatically canceled and pre-invoices created for your new items ensuring complete accuracy for your financial records and statements.

With the latest version of ADvendio, you can now have this certainty even at the pre-invoice stage of your Campaign. Throughout the use of the Salesforce Standard process, users can further customize other workflows to be triggered in addition to automatically updating & creating pre-invoices.

To learn more about our latest features and improvements please see our release notes or simply contact our sales team with your questions.

Globally Growing Team

We are delighted to welcome Carlos Alguello to the ADvendio team. Carlos joins the product development team as a software developer and will be based in our Chile office.

With a degree in computer science and over two years of experience in software development, Carlos will be a great addition to ADvendio.

Welcome to the team, Carlos!