ADvendio is continuously offering new functionalities in order to fulfil the specific requirements of companies from the print, digital, out-of-home and cross-media segments. In order to support the publishing industry and for the further simplification and automation of advertising bookings for our customers, ADvendio is now offering a connection to the Online Booking System (OBS) in the product upon a standard basis.

As an online booking system, the OBS of the Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger (Association of German Magazine Publishers, VDZ) is the electronic booking standard for ads and ad specials in newspapers, general interest magazines and advertising supplements in Germany. According to the data provided by the VDZ, the majority of the print advertising bookings that are made in Germany are processed via OBS.

As soon as your ADvendio Administrator has activated this function, you can export your OBS data as an XML file in which the outgoing post is transferred to your local OBS installation and then sent to other OBS accounts.

OBS connection in ADvendio

In order to use this function in ADvendio, you are provided with an “OBS Export” button at the media campaign level.

A click on the “OBS Export” button will open all campaign-related OBS data in the XML format. You can then export them as an XML file and transfer them to your OBS export folder.

You can find additional information on this functionality in our Knowledge Base.

Through its standard connection, ADvendio is offering OBS users an additional reason to use ADvendio for successful advertising sales management.