From virtual attendance at the Salesforce Media Summit to the development of new and improved ADvendio feature releases all while the ADvendio team has been working from home, March has continued to be a busy period as ADvendio continues to operate as normal during this difficult time.

Here’s what we have been up to this month:

ADvendio Continues To Operate As Normal

With the global coronavirus pandemic affecting all our families, communities and businesses, we at ADvendio wanted to provide you with an update on how we are currently approaching the situation.

Our Month in Review: March 2020 Advendio

Firstly, our thoughts are with anybody who has been impacted by COVID-19 either directly or indirectly and we would like to extend our best wishes for those who are currently ill and hope they make a full recovery.

We are focused on the health and safety of our employees all of which are currently working from home. We want to take this opportunity to ensure you that ADvendio will operate as normal and will continue to deliver high levels of performance, availability, support, and security during this time.

ADvendio Virtually Attend the Salesforce Media Summit

The Salesforce Media Summit was due to take place in Barcelona on March 11th & 12th but due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19, the media summit was hosted virtually.

Ali Boukhalfa, Senior Account Manager represented ADvendio and presented amongst the other Salesforce Media Partners. Overall, the summit was a success even though it had been hosted virtually. We are looking forward to attending again next year.

New Product Enhancements

At ADvendio, our customers are our highest priority. Therefore we make continuous optimizations and enhancements to our ad management software as we focus on improving the user experience and integration with leading ad servers and ad exchanges.

Please take note that ADvendio version 2.123 was skipped due to technical reasons.

Our latest features and enhancements include:

Ad Server Gateway Improvements

Our latest improvement is our email handling in the AdServer Gateway. Our new and improved design shows all relevant information in one spot so you won’t miss anything critical.

AdManager (DFP) & AdType Improvement

We have updated our labeling in order to incorporate the name changes of both Google Ad Manager and Xandr also in our product so that it’s always transparent what is what in ADvendio.

While we have paid attention, this change will not affect any of our existing features, it might be that there are still some effects on your customization and report so be sure to read our detailed description for more information.

Real-Time Media Configuration

Last year we introduced our check availability feature in the Media Configuration, so that inventory could be reviewed and checked will configure your Campaign Items, in order to immediately adjust your targeting if there are not enough impressions available for your goals.

Based on feedback from our customers, our latest enhancement allows you to check in real-time if your configured item is available in the AdServer. We have also improved the display to allow you to immediately see which items received which results.

New Accounting Interface

In order to provide your financial users more freedom with regards to running the Accounting Record Creation processes, and free up more time in order to focus on other tasks, our new wizard enables the queue of Accounting Record Creation Processes for multiple Legal Entities.

To learn more about our latest features and improvements please see our release notes or simply contact our sales team with your questions.