With the switch from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, ADvendio has not only adapted their user interface (UI) but has also adjusted their lightning components. Seeing the potential but also the challenges associated with Salesforce’s created related list as a facilitator for an optimized campaign overview, ADvendio has developed a customizable Campaign Item Related List (CIRL) to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the media industry and streamline media ad management.

Media Campaign Ad Management Challenges with Standard Related List

With the media industry being so complex and having additional system requirements, media campaigns can consist of a huge amount of various items, making it easy to lose track of them. Items and media packages need to be displayed differently, otherwise, the campaign management will be a disruptive and lengthy process.

Also, publishers need flexible and adjustable filters and special criteria, in order to make it possible to find the right line items and to edit media campaigns within seconds.

Customized Campaign Item Related List for An Optimized Overview

In order to stay up to date with the constantly evolving needs of the media industry, ADvendio has developed the campaign item related list feature to the media campaign overview where publishers can now decide whether to add and display the list or not, depending on their requirements.

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This new ADvendio feature provides a major step towards more structured campaign management as all campaign-related items are shown with adjustable information such as price and quantities.
With ADvendio’s custom item related list you benefit from an improved overview of the ad inventory added to each campaign, allowing you to see whether your campaign contains single items, one or more media package including items, or both, ultimately simplifying and accelerating media campaign configuration.

To optimize the search for editing items ADvendio has created action buttons to add onto your related list which you can customize to suit your needs. For example, you can search parameters such as “don’t show cancelled item” for quick access to the right items. You can also sort column values in ascending or descending order to find the item even faster.

With “view all” all items are shown, providing publishers with a holistic overview of all items related to the media campaign which they can flexibly adjust the list view.

Streamline Your Media Ad Management with ADvendio’s Campaign Item Related List Advendio