CTV integration is becoming a key part of omnichannel advertising. Harnessing the power of CTV allows advertisers to benefit from the shift to streaming and away from traditional television. Integrating CTV into omnichannel marketing is key to keeping up with where your audience is today. It also offers a range of excellent benefits that are unique to CTV advertising, from its targeting capabilities to a broad audience reach.

The Rise of Connected TV (CTV)

CTV (connected TV) is an internet-connected device that connects to or is embedded in a television and supports the streaming of video content. This can include video game consoles, such as Xbox or PlayStation devices, or streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.

The rise of CTV ties in with the growing trend of “cord-cutting” and move toward streaming. Fewer people are watching TV through traditional methods and are instead focusing on streaming options. Between 2019 and 2022, major cable providers lost 6 million pay-TV subscribers each year. Meanwhile, there are an estimated 1.8 billion streaming subscriptions for online video streaming services worldwide.

CTV offers excellent advertising capabilities. According to Deloitte’s 2023 Digital Media Trends survey, about 60% of respondents use a free, ad-supported streaming service and 40% say they consume more ads than they used to. This provides a broad audience reach for brands that choose to use CTV advertising. CTV also offers great targeting capabilities, enabling brands to find their audience.

Benefits of CTV Integration in an Omnichannel Strategy

Integrating CTV into your omnichannel advertising strategy delivers a number of benefits. CTV is a great addition to your other advertising channels, complementing their existing qualities and helping to create a seamless customer journey.

Enhanced brand visibility

The potential to increase your brand visibility is one of the best reasons to use CTV advertising. Adding CTV advertising to your omnichannel strategy allows you to create a consistent brand experience across different channels and devices. With control over where and how your brand is advertised, you can ensure it aligns with your goals and protects your reputation.


CTV advertising offers positive engagement levels, giving you the opportunity to get and keep the attention of your audience. Excellent targeting, including contextual targeting and retargeting, means you can find your target market and keep them engaged throughout the customer journey. Ensure your ads are displayed to the right people and at the right times for maximum effect and engagement.

Great conversion rates

The conversion rates delivered by CTV advertising are another great reason to integrate it into your omnichannel strategy. One study showed that 23% of CTV users made a purchase after seeing an ad, while data from MNTN demonstrated 22% stronger conversion rates for paid search and 9% stronger rates for paid social after a CTV campaign. This shows how CTV advertising ties into an omnichannel strategy, not only delivering its own benefits but also boosting other channels.

Challenges and Solutions

Measuring the results of CTV campaigns is one of the challenges that needs to be tackled. Measuring the performance of video ads is often difficult, and CTV often uses impressions to measure campaigns. However, this issue is improving, particularly as adtech companies start to provide more insights into performance.

Some may be concerned about the difficulty of managing CTV campaigns. This is made much easier with the option of ad technology that provides the right insights and makes campaign management simple. Like other channels, you have the option to experiment with targeting and find out what works for your brand.

Best Strategies for CTV-Omnichannel Synergy

CTV advertising is ideal for integrating with your existing omnichannel marketing strategy. Many of the skills and techniques required for paid search and social campaigns are transferable to CTV advertising. The process of setting up and targeting a campaign is very similar, and so is the measurement of results.

Experts recommend that brands adopt standards to scale CTV sustainably, make use of data to stay ahead and provide consistent messaging across different channels. It’s also recommended that you create synergy between all channels when running video ads, as well as taking the opportunity to harness new formats.

Some brands have tested the capabilities of CTV advertising by including it in their recent advertising campaigns. Frito-Lay North America ran CTV ads alongside ads distributed across other devices, finding that they were able to achieve an excellent ROI without sacrificing reach. A unified approach to integrating CTV into omnichannel marketing is essential. A study of mattress retailer D2C demonstrated the importance of combining connected TV with desktop and mobile ads, with each screen having its own purpose while supporting each other. Together, unaided ad recall was 47.2%, compared to 34.7% and 13.9% for CTV and desktop mobile, respectively.

Emerging Trends in CTV and Omnichannel Marketing

As more and more brands begin to adopt CTV as part of their omnichannel strategies, it’s important to try and stay ahead of the curve. Paying attention to emerging trends enables you to keep your finger on the pulse and keep up with your competition.

Some of the trends to watch include:

  • The growth in CTV viewership
  • Increasing programmatic CTV advertising spend
  • Advanced targeting capabilities
  • More interactivity in ads
  • Integration with cross-channel campaigns

Improvements are being made within the industry all the time. Better performance measurement is now more attainable than it has ever been.


To create a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy, CTV advertising is now an essential consideration. Connected TV can be seamlessly integrated with existing channels, fitting in neatly with paid search, social media, and other online channels. It can also combine well with offline advertising methods, helping to boost brand recognition and reputation.

Incorporating CTV advertising into your omnichannel strategy ensures you keep up with the current landscape. It offers multiple benefits to brands of all sizes and can become part of any omnichannel approach.