Search the complete documentation of Sales & Order.

In our newly published and optimized knowledge base you can search the complete scope of sales & order functions and get useful descriptions and instructions on how to succeed with Find useful articles with step by step guides and speed up your daily business in ad sales.

The documentation helps you to learn how to:

  • organize your tasks and events
  • efficiently collaborate with your co-workers
  • keep track of all your client and customer interactions
  • manage inventory, prices and discounts without inconvenient spreadsheets
  • create proposals in record time
  • work with the handy ad server connection
  • use easily set up reports and dashboards
  • customize to your individual taste
  • manage automatic workflows and approvals
  • set up for your organization

We are still optimizing the billing & accounting documentation as well as the new print features. If you want to be kept up to date follow us on twitter or linkedin.