Programmatic advertising is expected to continue dominating the media landscape, accounting for 65% of all money spent on digital media in 2019. It is estimated that programmatic ad spend will rise a further 19% next year reaching $84 billion.

With this rise in programmatic, publishers have steadily been undertaking a digital transformation, a process which has not always been simple.

ADvendio’s programmatic features increase efficiency and help reduce many of the frustrations surrounding transparency of data by importing and matching data for both customers and products. Ultimately simplifying processes for publishers.

Reduce Revenue Stream Frustrations

Publishers are becoming progressively discouraged with the processes involved to create new revenue streams and business models across different ad exchanges such as Google Ad Manager, AppNexus, Adform & Rubicon Project. Proving time-consuming, and with the loss of transparency around what customers have bought, and more importantly at what price, results in a very fragmented view of the customer’s fulfillment.

With ADvendio’s commitments features pricing agreements and contracts between you, your customers and your agencies can be tracked and monitored in real-time. This means that every price item is calculated automatically as per the agreement, and thus reduces the number of invoice queries.

Elevated Programmatic Ad Efficiency with ADvendio

Even beyond the administrative elements, programmatic remains complex. The benefit of Advendio’s approach is the high degree of automation and data integration elements that the solution provides.

ADvendio imports and matches data automatically for both your existing customers and products across all of your ad exchanges. It allows digital ad managers to see ‘at a glance’ what prices were paid for which products, giving full visibility of a customer’s purchasing behavior.

Using programmatic data records publishers can access all information regarding programmatic revenue streams in one system – allowing you to better manage your ad sales, and providing a full and comprehensive reporting overview.

Publishers now have the opportunity to gain full visibility over their programmatic revenue landscape, allowing them to recognize which products have generated specific revenues, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced errors and decreased time-consuming invoice queries.

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