Simply synchronize with (multiple) ad server.

Offering your customers (geo) targeting is a standard customers expect and an USP in online advertising sales compared to other channels like Print and TV. Although your ad server offers detailed targeting criteria the process management is highly complex and requires a lot of time as sales and ad operations tasks have to be coordinated separately. Therefore a targeting surcharge was or still is often demanded. To be able to reduce administrative expenditure, assure best service for your customers and to differentiate from competitors you need to streamline your management process.

Imagine even sales reps could enter your clients’ desired targeting criteria within the media campaign. While creating the proposal they are able to automatically transmit these criteria directly to your ad server – for availability forecasts as well as for booking orders. Long-winded sales circles with constant interaction between sales and ad operation are a thing of the past. offers a scalable management solution which includes this geo targeting feature.

Within a media campaign you can customize each item’s geo targeting separately, giving you all the flexibility you need. Target your ads by country, state or city. Target multiple geographic regions. Combine any of the three categories. supports all your ad server’s targeting options. Select your target from a drop-down list with a tree structure: countries are subdivided into states or regions which are then subdivided into cities – it’s all clearly arranged and easy to use. With a single click you can apply one item’s customized targeting to all items of a campaign.

Increase your business efficiency – by choosing geo targeting within your order management Advendio

If you have your ad server integrated with, all you have to do is click on a single link to synchronize geo targeting categories with your ad server. And even if you don’t work with such an interface, you can still enter geo targeting regions manually. The geo targeting feature is another step in making your daily work in ad sales easier and completes our vision of one complete management process in one application. Bringing together sales and ad operations, shortening the management circles and collecting all your business data in one spot will lead to more productivity and better results.