New Interface Deployed to Combine Ad Server and Sales Management Solution. Ad networks and publishers such as Ringier (Switzerland) and Condé Nast (Germany) can manage their online media campaigns efficiently and without having to change systems.

Dreieich/Hamburg, June 5th, 2012ADTECH, a leading provider of ad serving technology and part of the AOL Group, and with its sales management solution, have today announced that they are launching an interface to combine their technologies. The interface will simplify the day-to-day business of buying and selling online advertising and help publishers and marketers produce their offerings and process orders with no media breaks, as well as to create campaigns on the ad server.

“The interface between the ad serving environment and a management application ensures that customer, campaign, and order management processes are not interrupted,” explains Bernd Bube, CEO of “By integrating these we have managed to consolidate several manual steps.” Erhard Neumann, CEO at ADTECH, adds: “By connecting our ad server directly to, we are creating a simple, efficient sales process as required by the most recent OVK (German industry organisation) standard for automatic data transmission, while simultaneously saving a lot of time in campaign booking.”

Publishers can configure campaigns with automatic discount calculation and ad server targeting, directly in They can also query inventory levels. Confirmed orders are transmitted directly to ADTECH along with the targeting settings. As soon as the campaign starts, delivery reports are forwarded to the media campaign and can be easily tracked or exported for billing purposes. Everything runs automatically in just a few clicks, and without having to change systems.

Ringier, Switzerland’s largest media corporation, is already benefiting from this workflow. “The many individual, sporadic work steps in our sales process used to make order processing incredibly time-consuming and complex,” explains Christian Glanzmann, Head of Business Development Technology at Ringier AG. “Linking up ADTECH and and the resulting automation has eliminated many of these steps, and our sales team is now much more efficient. The combination of leading ad serving technology and comprehensive business tool enables us to offer our customers better and faster service.”


ADTECH is an international supplier of digital marketing solutions and is part of AOL Group. For more than 14 years, ADTECH has delivered digital marketing solutions around the globe. Its core product is the ad serving solution ADTECH IQ for display, video, mobile and rich media ads. It allows marketing specialists, agencies and advertisers to manage and evaluate these forms of advertising in one and the same booking environment. The adserver seamlessly integrates other applications, including sales management and business analytics. According to OVK Adserver Benchmark, ADTECH adservers lead the way in speed and availability. ADTECH also provides high-quality customer service and local know-how. Its global customer base includes major players such as InteractiveMedia, BSkyB, Hi-media and Gannett.

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