Improved proposal management with these fall features!

With the features of this year’s fall release, you can optimize the processes in your ad business. Media campaign teams strengthen the cooperation between your departments and the extended proposal optimizes your proposal design. Further improvements in ad server integration and media campaigns complete this release.

Optimized collaboration of your staff – Media campaign teams:
In ad sales a smooth cooperation of sales, adops and finance is particularly important and an uncomplicated access of different departments on a media campaign is essential. To ensure that the appropriate users can view and / or edit media campaigns, they are added to the media campaign manually or via automatic sharing rules. This video shows you how to use media campaign teams to work together efficiently and accelerate your proposal and order management.

Design your proposal more attractive for your customers – extended proposal layout:

Targeting options: Targeting options (key value and content) can now be displayed clearly on the proposal as well. This way, proposal recipients can see all relevant information at a glance.

Fixed campaign item numbers: In order to strengthen the continuity in your workflow, we extend the proposal layout with fixed campaign item numbers that remain constant even when modifying or re-sending the offer. The fixed item numbers are displayed when generating the offer and are shown on the PDF as well. The system administrator has to activate the fixed campaign item numbers once in the setup.

Proposal format: The proposal layout can be customized individually. The first three columns can be modified, word wraps entered and the proposal PDF document can be named individually to achieve a clear overview of relevant information.

No VAT: The VAT is no longer displayed on your proposal. Benefit from consistent proposal creation and distribution.

Audience Segments supported in ADvendio – DFP Integration:

For DFP users the integrated functions of their ad server will be extended with audience segments. The within DFP created audience segments are integrated in ADvendio as key values and can be selected like any other targeting option within a media campaign. When requesting availabilities or booking campaigns the selected audience segments are taken into account, too.

Field Sets – Net calculator:

The net calculator can be extended with description fields e.g. billing category. This way it’s easier to comprehend what is calculated. See the net calculator in action.

Time stamps – availability forecast and booking:

Time stamps are already available for delivery data. Now they are available for forecasts and bookings as well. With this function, time and date will be shown at a glance, so topicality of availability requests and booking processes can be tracked easily.

Better usability for the ad server ID assignment:

As the ad specs & rate manager is an often-used instrument for the maintenance of the media database, a user-friendly interface is of great importance. To enhance the usability ” * ” can be used in the filter as a wildcard. Furthermore filtered IDs can be selected with just one click and transferred in the respective field.

Easier ad spec selection in the media search:

If some ad specs are supposed to be sold only in combination with other ad specs, they can be marked as ‘package component only’. In a search query, these ad specs will not be displayed individually in order to simplify the media selection.