Advendio successfully builds Magazine Spreads with JournalDesigner from dataplan

dataplan partnered with ADvendio to maximize the potential of their print publication solution, JournalDesigner, which speeds up the planning of magazines or newspapers. With the ADvendio ad sales app integrated – this means that the entire content, including all ad requirements – is streamlined into one workflow.

Julian Ahrends, Managing Director Product & Services of ADvendio, says:

We are very pleased that a major company like dataplan sees the advantages in partnering with ADvendio. Both systems working together means greater efficiency and maximizes the effectiveness of both.

dataplan is a specialist in Enterprise Resource Planning for publishers, manufacturing and shipping. Their product JournalDesigner – part of the dataplan JournalSuite – benefits users by improving workflow, faster data transmission, fewer errors and higher productivity.

JournalDesigner is a solution for print publication planning and contains all the components to plan newspapers or magazines: ad-customer requirements, technical specifications and editorial elements. With the new connection from JournalDesigner to ADvendio, customers have the option to directly request and book all relevant advertisement positions for the publication.

Here is how it works: with the creation of a new publication date for a magazine JournalDesigner requests all relevant ad positions from ADvendio. Using the specific publication date, ADvendio returns the booked positions, and the data is displayed in the flatplan. If all positions are set JournalDesigner sends the page number and position to ADvendio.

During this process data like the name of the advertiser, the advert size or format, the issue date or the booking status are fired over from one system to the other within seconds, resulting in reduced timings and greater transparency. The process becomes perfectly scalable and the number of errors during the transmission is reduced by the replacement of manual interventions with automation. The ADvendio integration benefits users by increasing productivity and cost savings from greater efficiency and fewer errors.

This new partnership brings advantages for both ADvendio and dataplan. Find out more about the connection of JournalDesigner and ADvendio from our Knowledge Base. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your dataplan support team.

Dr. Wolfgang Zetsche, CEO of dataplan, says:

Cooperating with well established vendors of Ad Booking Systems like ADvendio is vital for magazine and newspaper production. Creating seamless integration between booking ads and planning issues facilitates workflow enormously. Thus we very much appreciate our recent partnership with ADVendio since it opens up new opportunities for our clients.

About dataplan

Founded in Hamburg in 1983, dataplan is a specialist for  Enterprise Resource Planning for a variety of industries especially the publishing industry. Planning future issues of magazines/newspapers is the core expertise of dataplan. Its state of the art JournalSuite is the ideal solution for any publisher to place layouts along with advertising in all publishing channels. The key module JournalDesigner provides everything necessary to efficiently create new revisions and control workflows.

It is seamlessly interfaced with all versions of Indesign and a vast variety of ad booking systems. Additional modules like Classified Pagination, Topic Planning or Advert Management can handle ad reservations or deal with classifieds. Many well-known publishers across the globe have used JournalSuite successfully for many years. Find out more here.

About ADvendio

ADvendio is the leading advertising business solution powered by Salesforce. We help publishers and sales houses to make the most of their magazine, digital, TV, radio, out-of-home or cross-media ad inventory. The SaaS solution enables media companies to manage their complete advertising business process end-to-end within one application: from sales and order management, booking and reporting to billing leading to a perfect interplay of sales, ad ops and finance. ADvendio unifies and automates processes and data flows across fragmented application environments found at most media companies. Find out more here.