Competitor management allows you to easily track competition for each media campaign. You can track multiple competitors for each of your media campaigns. For each competitor, you can describe their strengths and weaknesses.


You can track competitors in a pending sale by listing the competitors’ names in the media campaign. The competitors related list of a media campaign shows you the competitors for that deal. You can add a competitor or select from a list of competitors defined by your administrator. Filter on competitor with record type “competitor” are listed.


Furthermore, you can edit the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses for this particular media campaign. If a deal is lost, you have the possibility to note down which competitor has closed the deal. And in case you won the order, you can note down the competitors that were interested in this order, too. Thus, you can report how many media campaigns you have lost during the last three quarters, against which competitors and what were the reasons for it. Such reports give you detailed information about your possibilities to improve your business in the future. In our media campaign management section you can find out more about offering your customers attractive proposals that meet their requirements.