Automated process for handling ad campaign changes

In our dynamic advertising industry, changes on already booked orders are often not the exception but the rule; either because creatives haven’t been delivered in time, campaigns don’t perform as they should or entire ad specs need to be modified. Additionally, when working with digital inventory, changes must also be sent to and performed in the ad server. Changes on running campaigns usually involve different departments and result in a lot of hassle, because a binding contract is in place, the order has already been booked, the campaign is running and has perhaps been partially paid by the client.

Commercial Optimizer Demo

ADvendio’s Commercial Optimizer now provides a way to appropriately handle changes in orders and automate steps of the process. Users can create the new optimized version of the campaign, generate an order amendment document, send it to the customer and activate the adjustment in the system after approval. This straightforward method allows users create alternative proposals that contain changes to date, quantities, targeting, or ad specs in order to provide the best campaign possible. If any services have been already delivered, they are still reflected in the campaign list, along with the documentation of the amendments. All related calculations, cancellations and credit notes are processed automatically.

Thanks to the ad server interface, adjustments can be transmitted to the ad server campaign seamlessly. All departments involved can be connected with the creation of individual workflows and approval processes, reducing manual efforts to a minimum and ensuring frictionless business processes.