Following up on our previous article in which we introduced the beta version of our newly released Campaign Builder tool in December 2021, we are pleased to announce that the Campaign Builder will be available to all customers beginning with our September release (ADvendio version 2.159).

Publishers can be certain that with this upgraded version, they will be able to effortlessly design and execute omnichannel campaigns of all sizes and budgets. Saving time by establishing particular targeting and delivery options for more precise campaigns and setting multiple status options for available inventory or copying values selected for similar items on the fly.

Customers can rely on the Campaign Builder to help them manage their campaigns from start to finish. Date selection, pricing adjustments, and a final availability check are all required before securing any booking. By delivering more effective campaigns, our all-in-one solution eliminates time-consuming processes, helping you to create better relationships with advertisers. Brands can profit from optimizing results and impressions within a pre-defined budget.

Brand New Campaign Builder in Lightning UI

Since the Campaign Builder’s architecture is based on the most recent Salesforce Lightning technology, users can benefit from the most up-to-date features available in the Salesforce ecosystem. The Campaign Builder user interface is completely customizable, optimizing the user experience by removing unnecessary data and displaying only the fields and options relevant to the campaign of interest.

Furthermore, the Campaign Builder’s usability and flexibility will significantly enhance this generally available edition. Customers will be able to more efficiently manage campaigns at scale with this version, whether it’s modifying several campaign elements in a single session, monitoring inventory availability on the fly, or applying automatic price rules.

Campaign Builder For Streamlined Omnichannel Campaign Management Advendio

Campaign Management At Scale

The improved Campaign Builder saves publishers time and effort thanks to new features designed to streamline the entire campaign setup process, such as the ability to duplicate items or copy values from one campaign to another. This edition supports new setup and delivery options for each inventory item, including frequency capping, for increased admin control.

Enhanced Availability Check

Furthermore, with our extended availability check, users can confirm the availability of exclusive and connected on-demand items. An “outdated data” notification appears to highlight any sold inventory. This guarantees that inventory is marked and recognized as sold in the system, offering a more complete picture of all existing inventory. This version now offers a redesigned user interface that is consistent with our new Campaign Builder Lightning design for seamless campaign management processes.

Campaign Builder For Streamlined Omnichannel Campaign Management Advendio

Optimized Targeting Selection

Regarding target audiences, our custom targeting selection enables sales reps to select key values to, for example, locate specific ad inventory on websites or apps and then target advertisements based on visitor data to reach a defined audience segment. This generally available version additionally includes targeting types based on geographic location, device, browser, and even specific inventory -ad units and placements.

Dynamic Pricing Rules

We have enabled dynamic pricing rules directly from the Campaign Builder to ensure the sale of inventory at the correct price by setting discounts and surcharges based on established criteria, as well as enhancements to support the distribution of individual packages according to pricing and time period.

Overall, the updated Campaign Builder will let campaign planners outline the specific needs of their campaign from a single location. Allowing for full campaign planning from a single system and increased efficiency.

Campaign Builder For Streamlined Omnichannel Campaign Management Advendio

Future Developments

Despite the fact that the Campaign Builder is fully available as of our September release (ADvendio version 2.159), we will continue to improve it in the future to further meet the demands of our customers. We are working on improving targeting tools to support creative targeting, targeting sets, and postal codes, as well as enabling publication date selection, advanced action options, and commitments.

If you haven’t yet moved on from our Media Configuration tool, you can get more information and an overview of our upcoming features on this page. Customers can also visit the ADvendio knowledge base at any time to learn more about our features, read release notes, and get assistance. If you’d like to learn more about ADvendio, please visit our Salesforce AppExchange® listing or contact your ADvendio technical account manager, who would be happy to answer any questions you might have.