Find out how to master the compelx finance process in ad sales business.

In our online knowledge base you can search the complete scope of Billing & Accounting functions and get useful descriptions and instructions on how to succeed with ADvendio. Billing & Accounting helps publishers to streamline the booking to billing process for advertising campaigns. It offers automated invoice creation and management and displays the whole ad sales process: CRM, ad servers and billing all within one system. Find useful articles with step by step guides and speed up your daily business in finance.

The Billing & Accounting documentation helps you to learn how to:

  • set up Billing & Accounting for your organization
  • use handy pre-invoices and the powerful billing run
  • customize the invoice process to your individual requirements
  • invoice your order
  • generate all months’ invoices with one billing run
  • use automatically transferred ad server delivery data for invoices
  • cancel items and immediately create credit notes
  • keep track of all your invoices
  • achieve a perfect interplay of sales, adops and finance

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