With our ad sales management software ADvendio we’ve built an industry specific solution for publishers which is operated on the Salesforce Platform and already includes the integration to ad servers. ADvendio can either be used as stand-alone solution (Force.com® licence is included) or it can be installed as app within an existing Salesforce® environment. Meanwhile ADvendio supports the integration of multiple ad servers. This article explains the beginning of our successful path to provide connected and automated ad sales management solutions for publishers.

After generating a Media Plan, one of our customers and our consultants had to create an interface which combines the ingenuous system of salesforce.com with the sophisticated Doubeclick DART (DFP) industry solution. This complex incorporation enforces in three steps and leads to better and more adopted business workflows. Lets have a close view on these steps.

salesforce.com – one of the biggest on-demand solution suppliers – provides pragmatic access to your organization’s information using a simple, powerful and secure application programming interfaces, the Force.com® web services API. This API provides a facility to use all your existing applications with a seamless integration in salesforce.com. With these interfaces your work flows will be more flexible and transparent. As a result, our AdServer Integration enables you to work cross-departmental and more efficiently.

All systems are combined to one solution and a comprehensive integration. This solution is particularly made for all customers who want to improve their business workflows and involves many advantages.

A: You neither have an API integration nor a process integration. Therefore you may have issues with agencies, high manual effort, high error rate and almost no workflows.
B: Your business is just process integrated. You do have great work flows but a high manual effort with slow internal progressing.
C: Your business is fully API integrated but does not have a process integration.
D: This is the ideal solution we can provide and build in for you. With an API and process integration your business is able to reach:

  • Business Development (consistent)
  • High self reliance
  • Quality Management (you can focus on the quality of your business)
  • Flexibility (you can react quickly to all recent changes happening)
  • Efficiency (you can be more productive by focussing on the main workflow)
  • Transparency (all your work flows are easy to understand)
  • Low error rate
  • High qualitative output

This full integration of your systems is mapping all your processes in one solution which guides you to a market leadership. The ad server integration includes all functions you need in order to reach the perfect absorption of your tasks combined to a unique package:

  • Availability Forecast/ Share Of Voice information
  • Reservation
  • Booking
  • Delivery reporting

A sales person wants to put in an advertisement in order to reach more customer and company recognition. Because he doesn’t really know where he can put in his advertisement, he contacts his agency and presents all his desire. In order to fulfill all wishes the whole process has to run through many sections to find the perfect solution. All this requires too much time which most business people don’t have. The business is a fast growing one and it might happen that another agency is much faster to fulfill its customers wishes.

To prevent this fluctuation of customers, we offer a quick solution for your business which makes it possible to review all important data by just clicking one button “Request Inventory”. By adding our AdServer Integration you will be able to have more precise operating principles at the minimum effort but with maximum results. The semi-automatic process – which can be extended to a full automatic process – will complete its tasks within few seconds while you get the chance to focus on your main process: selling.

To give an even better understanding of the process we would like to present it in a few steps.

  • To get to know what is on stock before selling products our ”Availability Forecast“ represents the inventory status.
  • Within a few seconds you will get an accurate result by just clicking on the button „Request Inventory“. Concerning this you will be sure how much of your stock is available and how much you have already sold. Additional to requesting the inventory we provide you „Share of Voice (SOV)“ which reveals the percentage ratio of the booked products and the free objects. This shows you immediately the overall availability. Further than that you get the chance to analyze in what stadium you are in considering the advertisement.
  • By the AdServer Integration it will also be able to make reservations and booking. At this process all information saved on the salesforce.com account will be transferred safely to the AdServer.
  • An additional function is our “Click Rate” which shows how often your advert was clicked and therefore how much attention it gets.

Our ad server integrating solution combines all important work processes in just one function which will ease your working schedule to have more efficient and transparent workflows.