As an online publisher or sales house you are working in a triangle relationship between your company, your advertisers and the agencies which carry out orders for your advertising. So you have a huge amount of information about your customers and the different agencies (purchasing agencies, creative agencies or planning agencies) they are working with.

The challenge is to have all these information quickly available. With ADvendio you can manage all these requirements. So you have the most important information at the same place like:

  • Which agency works for which advertiser?
  • How high are the expected sales with different agencies?
  • How many potential agencies or advertisers are there?
  • How big is the industry’s sales volume? (reports from market research)

ADvendio defines partners as companies with which you collaborate to close your sales deals. Accounts are devided in your customers, competitors, and partners. Each account stores information such as name, address, and phone numbers. For each account, you can store related information such as media campaigns, activities, cases, partners, contracts, and notes.

For each media campaign or account you can store the information about the partners and the roles they play for a specific media campaign or the account all at once. A partner must be an existing account within ADvendio. For example, you can assign roles to your advertisers and the agencies that do some orders for your clients.

The media campaign and account detail pages include partners related lists for viewing and adding partner relationships. So you can create a reverse partner relationship between organisations you work with.

Advertiser-Agency Relationships – View and Reporting Advendio

Selecting a partner on an account or media campaign automatically creates a reverse partner relationship so that both accounts list the other as a partner. The role you select is applied to the partner account; in the current account, the reverse role is applied.

You also have the possibility to distinguish between static and dynamic relationships to your partners. So you can manage the relationships between your partners, overlook the media campaigns which you have to deal with and forecast your business. It also helps you and your partners to sell more effectively, close more business deals, and achieve greater profits. To learn more about efficient CRM within ADvendio, read on in our agency and advertiser management section.

Advertiser-Agency Relationships – View and Reporting Advendio

The most important advantage in this case is that you can analyse your partners, their relationships and their roles at once. Among reports you can run and create custom reports by defining report criteria based on these relationships. So you can analyse your data perfectly and be informed about your business process. You can run reports on almost any business data stored within ADvendio; learn more about how to set up reports and dashboards.