Here at ADvendio, we believe in automating all the tasks possible in advertising sales so that the team can get on with selling. Our ingenious developers have come up with a new feature to help users become more efficient: Commitments.

Often advertisers will have regular contracts with their agencies, with financial targets over time, usually a year. In Germany, these are called ‘Commitments’. Stefan Ropte, ADvendio’s Director of Product and Innovation, says,

These commitments are usually complex, non-transparent, and if updated manually, can be error-prone. We decided to build a new module into the application to make these issues a thing of the past.

The new module manages any commitments between advertising client, agency and media publisher. Users can enter the details of any commitments undertaken, then as time progresses, the targets and status of the agreement are modified by the system, with types of media, discounts, and any other variables automatically updated. For instance, if a company has a deal where for every ten print advertisements it places, two are given free, when it reaches 20, then it will have 24 available. If it has used 15 of these, then this will be automatically updated, leaving nine more, and the user-interface will show which are paid-for and which free.

The module can accept many different kinds of media ad formats and other variables. Users cannot enter information that is not valid – for example putting in digital impressions if it is only a print campaign.

Generating reports of campaign activity is simple. So managers can keep an eye on how the advertising operation is progressing.

Stefan Ropte concludes,

This addition to our Salesforce powered App minimizes human error, improves transparency and financial reporting, and is easy to learn and utilise. This is a good option for all concerned because it will save time for ad sales people to concentrate on winning business. Managers will also have better oversight for their commitments goals.